Adverse Effects of Marijuana For Florida Residents

Marijuana is known to have many significant medical effects on the body but there is a dark side to this substance. Marijuana is not entirely free-of-complication and it possesses many adverse effects that could endanger the health of a person. The statement that Marijuana is free from any adverse effects is just a ploy to push the legalization but in reality, it could do more harm than good. 


Excessive use of marijuana could prove to be life-threatening in some scenarios. To understand the negative aspects of Marijuana, you’ll have to bear with us as we share some concerning adverse effects of Marijuana backed with medical research.

Heart Disease

The use of medical and recreational marijuana is on the rise and many people around the world are using it for innumerable reasons. Some people use it to cope with anxiety while others believe that marijuana is an excellent alternative to antidepressants. However, Cardiologists in the US have warned that marijuana possesses harmful properties that could moderately damage the heart


Medical researchers at the American College of Cardiology (ACC) in their recent research, stated that some evidence has suggested that the use of marijuana could slightly damage the blood vessels and heart. The authors also mentioned that smoking marijuana holds many cardiovascular risks and the complications could be the same as smoking tobacco. 


Patients with heart issues are often hooked up on anticoagulants to increase the INR. The study also found that marijuana could interact with the medication and complicate the INR level in the body. Patients may need to change the dosage of the medications quite often to keep the numbers under the limit. It is advised by many medical researchers that the use of marijuana could pose a threat to people with bad hearts and they should avoid the use of this substance. 


False Memories 

Marijuana contains toxic substances that could corrupt the memories and create false memories in the mind. Aside from short and long-term memory, Marijuana also poses a threat to the mental health of the person. On one hand, a study published in NCBI provides evidence that medical marijuana could significantly improve the symptoms of many chronic illnesses but on the contrary, research published in the National Institute of Drug Abuse, states that Marijuana could alter the memories and also causes hallucinations. 


THC is one of the building blocks of the Marijuana plant and it is a psychoactive substance that interacts with the brain cells and hormones. The study warns that THC contains toxic properties that could cause permanent brain damage and could also alter with short and long-term memories. 


The use of marijuana may not cause permanent memory loss but, it could be the culprit behind long and short-term memory loss. Despite the evidence, researchers and a group of prominent medical marijuana doctors in Sarasota believes that there’s not enough evidence that supports that marijuana is beneficial for mental health and people mustn’t use it to treat any mental health anomalies. 


Lung Illnesses 

Do you know that ‘’One in six vaping lung illnesses linked to purchased Marijuana’’?

Any type of Marijuana that is free from THC has very insignificant chances of developing lung illnesses but when you’re consuming THC, you’re at risk to develop severe lung diseases. A report presented by the CDC concludes that Marijuana with a significant amount of THC is responsible for numerous lung illnesses. 


These illnesses can be caused by smoking e-cigarettes and vaping. In 2019, more than 100 people, who developed lung illnesses from the use of tainted Marijuana lost their lives. It is recommended by the CDC to avoid the use of Marijuana to protect yourself from developing any life-threatening lung illnesses.


Additionally, recent research also suggests that the regular use of Marijuana could cause chronic cough and other respiratory issues. For asthma patients, the use of Marijuana is extremely dangerous for them and could cause the ‘death’ effects where a person will need supplemental oxygen for breathing. 


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Ischemic Stroke

Ischemic stroke also referred to as cerebral ischemia, is caused by the blockages in one of the main arteries that supply blood to the brain. Ischemic stroke is a very serious condition that could cause irreversible damage to the brain and in some cases, it could also cause death. The excessive use of Marijuana is associated with Ischemic stroke and especially teenagers are at higher risk of developing such a condition.


It is believed that teenagers who consume a large dose of marijuana are at a higher risk of developing neurovascular illnesses that includes memory loss, loss of balance, vertigo, and many other mental diseases. Medical marijuana is known to have many medical benefits for mental illnesses but there’s not enough research to back the claims. In cases of Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy, marijuana could provide relief for a short while but believing that it could cure the disease is just madness. Authors at Frontiersin, while discussing the adverse effects of Marijuana, believe that widespread use of marijuana across the region is one of the main causes of rising numbers of patients of neurovascular diseases. 


People who regularly smoke Marijuana can easily get addicted to this substance which is quite concerning. Aside from medical illnesses, Marijuana addiction could also trigger anti-social behavior in a person which could naturally pose a threat to the quality of life. Once a person is addicted to smoking marijuana, the chances of recovering from addiction are quite slim because the withdrawal is unbearable. 


Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs in the world and excess use of it could develop severe addiction in the body. Generally, marijuana is not as addictive as nicotine if you’re not overdoing it but if you’re a regular user of Marijuana then there is a 90% chance that you will get addicted to it. 


Marijuana addiction is recognized when a person is uncontrollably consuming Marijuana and can’t seem to put an end to it. Additionally, Marijuana addiction is not irreversible and it could be cured with proper treatment. Many medical marijuana doctors in Florida are offering their services in the treatment of Marijuana addiction and the results are intriguing. 


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Driving Impairment 

It is a fact that Marijuana contains psychoactive substances that make you high and driving under the influence is a federal crime. However, millions of citizens are defying the orders and driving under the influence of this gateway drug. Researchers found in a study that driving under the influence of Marijuana could impair the driving skills of a person and the majority of users end up in an accident. 


Compared to alcohol, Marijuana is less effective on the mind but if you’ve consumed a large dose of the substance then the driving skills will be impaired and the driver will find it really hard to make timely-decisions. Clouded judgment is often the reason behind many road accidents. 



Medical Marijuana is turning heads and many people are using it to get its medical benefits but in reality, Marijuana could harm the mental and physical health of a person. Moreover, for medically compromised people, Marijuana is not recommended by any doctor. Some Bradenton medical marijuana doctors in Florida have prescribed this substance to their patients and the results weren’t astonishing. Lastly, Marijuana may have the potential to be many great things but without enough evidence, all we know is that Marijuana has many adverse effects and very few medical uses. Get Started.