Please Follow The Steps Below To Finalize Your Medical Marijuana Recommendation.

Please Follow The Steps Below To Finalize Your Medical Marijuana Recommendation.

1) Please CLICK HERE to schedule your face to face video appointment with Dr. Davis.
2) Please CLICK HERE to complete your consent form.
3) Please CLICK HERE to connect with Dr. Davis for your online face to face video appointment(s).
4) Please make sure you've completed all the necessary information for your FL MM ID card. If you haven't done so already, you can complete the application manually by CLICKING HERE.
5) Also, If you haven't done so already, please FAX a medical record supporting your condition to: (415) 872-0560.
6) Please CLICK HERE for a list of licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida. You will be able to order your medication once you complete your face to face visit with Dr. Davis.

What To Do After Your Face to Face Visit

With your patient Registry ID card in hand, contact a nursery or dispensary to fill your order. To view the list of nurseries and dispensaries: Click Here

They all make home deliveries, so you do not have to select the closest one unless you want to be able to walk into a dispensary. However, not all dispensaries have all the medications in their stores, and a home delivery may be necessary, so be sure to ask.

Ask their delivery costs and schedule in your area. Always ask if they offer discounts. You may try different nurseries and dispensaries to compare the quality of the products since each nursery/dispensary makes their own medicine.

When You Need A Refill

Florida statute requires refills to be approved by an appointment with your medical marijuana doctor who monitors any changes to your health and side-effects. When your order is nearing expiration, be sure to book your next appointment so you don’t run out.

To schedule all follow up consultations with Dr. Davis, Click Here or go to

Dr. Davis will call you on the day and time you have selected. This is a phone call, NOT a video call. All your refills will done via a consultation follow up with Dr. Davis.

If you need a follow-up change in your order

To discuss making a follow-up adjustment to your medicine, Click Here or go to:

Dr. Davis cannot make changes without a consult.

Please contact Dr. Davis' office if you have questions by email at or by phone at (954) 939-0343.

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