What is a Primary Caregiver/Legal Representative?

A caregiver/legal rep is any person who has significant responsibility for managing the well-being of a patient.  Potential medical marijuana patients may designate a “primary caregiver/legal rep” as part of their application for a Florida medicinal marijuana card. The caregiver/legal rep will have significant responsibility as to the managing and handling of the patients medication orders. In order to become a "legal rep/caregiver" for a patient in Florida, the Doctor whom entered the patient into the mmu-registry will need to add you to the patients profile prior to you being able to complete the application.

Medical Marijuana Caregivers/Legal Reps in Florida wishing to obtain a license must first make an effort to understand the process involved. Many questions a patient has can be easily answered with a visit to the Department of Public Health website or by contacting our team.

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