June 22, 2017

Success: The Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Florida Legislature

medical marijuana doctors in Florida

The excitement over the legalization of medical marijuana and the bill passing in the Senate has generated some serious buzz as of late, but there are some obvious questions that many people tend to overlook. One of these is the stock market. Now that medical marijuana doctors in Florida are both legitimate and constantly sought out, stocks have emerged on the market, and while their future is uncertain, a number of companies have risen from the promises provided by recent legislation.

Before we go any further, we do want to point out that some of the concern over the future of medical marijuana, and cannabis use, in general, comes from the current administration. In 2013, the Obama Administration made it clear that it would not be targeting the state’s decisions to legalize, but recently, Trump’s AG, Jeff Sessions informed that National Association of Attorneys General that he was “dubious about pot”, he also said: “we don’t need to be legalizing marijuana”.

These comments, reported by CNN and other news outlets have caused a bit of turbulence across the cannabis industry, understandable, but it still hasn’t stopped several companies from being added to the U.S. Medical Marijuana Index. Some of these companies are doing better than others in terms of their stocks, but there have been some concerns. We are of the opinion, however, that these concerns can be adequately explained and addressed.

A Wave of New Companies

One company that’s really leading the charge is AbbVie Inc (ABBV) which already has a cannabis-based drug on the market. Marinol, approved by the FDA, has been used to help alleviate both nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients, and it also helps AIDS patients that have lost the desire to eat, potentially saving lives. In the last four years, since the drug was released, ABBV has reported rising revenue, and its operating income is still rising steadily. Currently, ABBV shares sit at $71.33, though they have plummeted a bit, from their peak at +0.65%. The fact that the price has stayed the same regardless of the drop, however, is promising.

A company that has not been doing so well, is Scotts Miracle-Gro Company which currently sits at $88.80 per share and -0.26%. This is in direct contrast to back in April when the company was seeing 1000% increases. The stock itself has recently dropped in price by about $10, which could mean one of two things. In the worst case scenario, it could mean that the company is heading for a complete crash, but this isn’t the likely outcome. The likely outcome, however, would be the company rebounding at some point in the future, after the weight of Session’s comments wears off. If that is the case, then now would probably be the time to purchase SMG stocks as they’re about to rise, perhaps in the next few weeks.

Finally, we have Corbus, which had a pretty strong start on the morning of June 21st, 2017, but it seems to have experienced a significant drop. As a company, however, Corbus (CRBP) should not be taken as a case study for all medical marijuana companies, Eve as it sits at -0.81%. The problem is that is currently focusing exclusively on its marijuana-based drug, Sesunab, which is designed to treat sclerosis. While it has had promising trials, we can clearly see the consequences of putting all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Currently, Corbus has a negative operating income with revenues close to zero. Its success will depend heavily on those clinical trials, and obviously the continued stance of the attorney general.

medical marijuana

What it All means

Stocks have been up and down as of late, somewhat as a result of Sessions’ comments, but that doesn’t mean medical marijuana is going anywhere. Like every new industry, it is going to experience growing pains as it makes the final, critical steps toward going mainstream. The news isn’t bad, and we’re pretty sure we’ll have great news to report in just a few weeks.

It should be noted that despite the drops, in the past there have been significant gains, for example, Mediswipe has risen by 0.12 and Medical Marijuana Inc. saw a major spike on June 19. Every company is going to have its ups and downs, and the stock market is the epitome of ‘wait and see’. For the moment, the political climate isn’t great for medical marijuana, but with it legalized for use in 29 states, and the overwhelmingly positive side effects, the demand is clear, and it won’t be long before it’s heard by governments, both local, and federal as the stock makes its upward movement.


June 20, 2017

Don’t Hesitate – Find Medical Marijuana Doctors In Florida Now!

It’s been proven that medical marijuana can help with many chronic illnesses, especially pain. If you live with a condition that could be eased by this herb, then it’s in your best interests to find a doctor that can help you find the right treatment for you. Here’s how you can find the best Florida medical marijuana doctors around.

Is Medical Marijuana Right For You?

There are a few conditions that medical marijuana can alleviate. Cancer, seizures, muscle spasms, and terminal conditions have all been proven to be helped with medical marijuana. As well as this, conditions such as epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, ALS, AIDS and HIV, MS, Parkinson’s, and PTSD have recently been approved for treatment, too.

If you live with any of these conditions, then it’s a good idea to look into treatment. It’s often considered when traditional medicine hasn’t made a good improvement in your condition. Even if you haven’t tried all the traditional options though, you should certainly still consider it.

The Benefits Of Marijuana For Medical Conditions

There are several benefits of using marijuana that has been observed in patients. These include:

  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Reduction pain, which makes this an excellent drug for patients with terminal conditions
  • Easing of mental health symptoms, such as anxiety
  • Reduction of seizures

These are only a few benefits, ask your doctor for more in-depth advice.

Who Can Prescribe Medical Marijuana?

Technically, any doctor can prescribe medical marijuana if they think it can help you. Your first port of call may be the doctor you always visit. However, be aware that not all family practitioners will agree with using marijuana for medical treatment. They do normally make this clear, so look into whether your doctor recommends it.

If yours doesn’t, or you’d like to talk to an expert, then it’s time to find a medical marijuana expert in your area. Thanks to the recent changes in the law surrounding marijuana in Florida, it’s now easier to talk to a fully licensed individual and get the help you need. They will have gone through a specialist training course regarding the drug, so they’ll have all the information you need to get the right treatment.

How To Find A Medical Marijuana Doctor

The actual process of finding the best medical marijuana doctors in Florida is actually rather simple. The best way to start is to search for doctors near you online. There will be plenty of doctors listed nearby, and you can start looking through them to find the best one for you. It’s a good idea to check reviews and ratings online, to get a good idea of what they’re like as a doctor and help you make a decision.

How Your Appointment Will Go

When you make your first visit to your doctor, you’ll be expected to run through your medical history with the doctor. They need to get a thorough idea of the health issues you’re living with, and your past treatment history.

There’s an assumption that you’ll be handed a prescription for marijuana easily, but in fact, the process is somewhat more involved. First, the doctor needs to know that marijuana is actually the best treatment for you. Once they’ve examined you, they may decide that another treatment’s better, or you’ll need to try something first before heading down the marijuana route.

If they do decide it’s good for you, then the doctor will approve you for a medical marijuana card. This entitles you to buy your prescription from certain dispensaries in the area.

How Dispensaries Work

Now you have your card, you can buy your prescription. Your card will entitle you to use one of the six dispensaries in the state. If none of them are very close to you, then you can order your prescription to be delivered to you.

You’ll be sold a specialized strain of marijuana, developed especially for treating patients. This will differ, depending on the illness and symptoms you’re being treated for.

There you have it. It’s not too difficult to find an expert in marijuana in Florida, so talk to a doctor and get the medication you need.

June 13, 2017

What’s the Best Way to Get a Florida Medical Marijuana License?

Today, the subject of legalizing marijuana is a very touchy one. Some people (Group 1) believe that it is an awful drug that causes damage both to the users and to innocent people, and should, therefore, be banned. Yet, others (Group 2) believe that marijuana is a “miracle drug” that cures illnesses, so they push for it to be legalized. Still others (Group 3) are inclined to meet in the middle – they themselves want nothing to do with the drug and think it has some ill side effects, but if it medically helps other people, they are okay with that, too, so they do not much care either way. However, there are, in fact, truths to each belief.

Marijuana, weed, dope, pot, cannabis, hashish, bud, skunk, grass, ganja, ‘erb and about 1,200 other slang terms are used for the naturally occurring substance that has been used for hundreds of years as a relaxant or a mild hallucinogenic. It is actually so potent that it can be detected in urine up to seven days after casual use and up to 30 days after regular, heavy use.

In the United States of America, marijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug. It is so popular that at least one in every three Americans has used it once. It is a mixture of dry, shredded, green/brown mix of flowers, stems, seeds, and leaves of the hemp plant. When smoked, it gives the user a sense of relaxation, happiness, and slowed reflexes.

Florida Medical Marijuana

Here is how Group 1 defends their argument: occasional marijuana use is not believed to be harmful, however, negative side effects of marijuana can impact your body as well as the mind, can slow down reflexes, and can impair decision-making capabilities. Group 1 believes this is can be paralleled to drunk driving – alcohol has the same effects, yet, it is illegal to drink and drive while under the influence, so why should it be legal to drive, etc. while under the influence of marijuana? Isn’t a high driver who kills a mother and her infant just as deadly as a drunk driver who does the same?

Group 2 understands that most marijuana users feel relaxed and happy, and that cannabis has been reported to ease certain pains, eliminate nausea, and is also considered to be helpful in stopping vomiting in advanced cases of cancer or AIDS. People suffering from serious illnesses who lose appetite are also reported to find weed helpful in improving and augmenting their appetite. Group 2 uses this information to support their dispute.

Group 3 sees both sides – the negative side effects or poor judgment and motor skills and deems it dangerous to be used when driving or for public recreation. However, they are also aware of the medical victories hemp has brought to many patients; therefore they generally support medical marijuana use, while remaining a smidge skeptical about public use.

Check out this information about Florida Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Doctors in FloridaIf you are a patient in need of special care and think a marijuana treatment may be what you need, you should contact the Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida who believe in the medical benefits of cannabis. When it comes to you getting treated, we do not want you to have to wait around. With us, you no longer have to wait 90 days!
Are you wondering how to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida? It is as easy as making an appointment with your doctor and filling out an application.

Once you have called us and made an appointment, consult with one of our physicians. Upon approval, you will need to fill out a registration form for an ID Card.

This Florida Medical Marijuana Card will ensure you receive your proper dosage amount, will make certain that your prescription is not filled out and given to someone else, and most importantly, it will allow you to legally purchase the cannabis.

Since you no longer have to wait the required 90 days, you will receive your cannabis recommendation orders to legally purchase MM upon completion of your doctor visit. It’s that simple – a check-up and a prescription.


June 8, 2017

Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors Vs. Regular Doctors

Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

Thanks to recent changes in legislation, you could now be entitled to a Florida medical marijuana license. This would allow you to access medical marijuana license assist in treating a number of health issues. If you think that it could help you, then you’ll need to obtain a prescription for this herbal remedy. Here’s how a medical marijuana doctor could help you get the treatment you need.

What Can Medical Marijuana Help With?

There’s a whole host of reasons why medical marijuana could be good for you. The main reason that it’s prescribed is due to pain in patients. This pain could be due to a variety of reasons, such as cancer, glaucoma, or nerve issues. It can also be prescribed to ease the symptoms of muscle spasms, seizure disorders, or Crohn’s Disease.

If you have any of these issues, a doctor will examine you and approve you for a license to buy marijuana. You’ll then be able to buy your prescription from approved dealers, ensuring you get the dosage that you need.

Medical Marijuana Doctors Vs. Regular Doctors

If you feel you need medical marijuana, then you’re going to need to see a doctor in order to be approved for the drug. You can see your regular family doctor for this, or you have the choice of visiting Florida medical marijuana doctors. Here’s the difference between the two:

Right to refuse: Your family doctor may be your first point of call, but they’re not guaranteed to prescribe you marijuana treatments. They may be unconvinced of the research behind marijuana, and so will instead suggest other options. This is their right to refuse, and so you may not get what you need from them.

Specialist surgeries: If you’re convinced marijuana is the right treatment for you, then you may want to visit a specialist surgery. More are popping up in Florida all the time, and they tend to be more open minded than a regular surgery. If you’re looking for one, anyone who advertises that they look into ‘organic’ or ‘holistic’ options for their patients could be the way to go.

Following The Guidelines

No matter which kind of doctor you see, don’t expect to be handed a license and prescription right away. All doctors will listen to your concerns, and then perform a full examination of you, so they can see the issue for themselves.

This is because, like all prescriptions, doctors need to be sure that marijuana is the right thing to treat your illness or issue. Sometimes, they’ll find that a different treatment would actually be better, instead.

If you go to a Florida medical marijuana clinic, and they don’t offer you a license, don’t be downhearted. Like all doctors, they have your best interests at heart. If they haven’t offered you the prescription you were looking for, it’ll be for a good reason. They’ll either refer you to a specialist who may be able to help you or offer you a prescription for a drug that may work better for you.

Using Medical Marijuana

Florida medical marijuanaIf you have been prescribed medical marijuana, you’ll need to know how to use it properly. This will be so you get the full effects of the medication, and feel the relief that you should be getting. Currently, in Florida, it’s not possible to obtain medical marijuana that can be smoked. However, there are other ways that you can use the drug. You can use a form that can be eaten in other foods or a liquid form that can be taken orally. You can even vaporize the marijuana, releasing the active ingredients so you can inhale them.

If you’re not sure what the best option is for you, you’ll need to speak with your doctor. A good doctor will go through all this with you before they offer you a license though, so you’ll know which form you need when you go to your local dispensary.

There’s plenty of people in Florida who could benefit from medical marijuana. Are you one of them? You won’t know for sure unless you ask. Talk to your local medical marijuana doctor, and see if they think that it’s the right treatment for you.

May 31, 2017

Orlando’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open Friday

medical marijuana doctors

On Friday, June 2, the great city of Orlando, in a historic move, plans to open the first medical marijuana dispensary in the city at 1901 N. Orange Avenue in Ivanhoe Village. The news media has described the Knox Medical Dispensary it as more of a limited pharmacy, and as expected, it will only be available to those who have obtained a prescription from a medical marijuana doctor.

The effort is being led by Jose Hidalgo, the CEO, and Bruce Knox, Chief Operating Officer. Knox, alongside his family, has been running the Knox Nursery, now a second generation business for many years. Their extensive knowledge of plants and their ability to effectively coordinate business operations makes them outstanding owners for Orlando’s very first medical marijuana dispensary.

A Trove of New Clients

The very first clients of the Winter Garden-based dispensary will be registered with the state’s Compassionate Use Registry, and as of right now, the grand opening is set for 11 AM Friday. New clients are expected to be signed up in the following days as more medical marijuana doctors write prescriptions and authorize patients to use the dispensary.

The Winner Prevails

This wasn’t as simple as simply building a dispensary and slapping a name on the front – according to state law, only nurseries that can boast a positive track record of thirty years or more would be eligible to operate as a dispensary, and Knox Nursery became the frontrunner in the competition.

A State Full of Physicians

medical marijuana dispensaryCurrently, there are more than 630 physicians operating in the state of Florida that have been licensed to recommend medical cannabis to patients, though right now, the rules aren’t quite set in stone. The state is still hammering everything out, so to speak, and it won’t be long until the dispensary is up and running in full.

November saw the approval of a constitutional amendment that permitted doctors to recommend full-strength marijuana rather than low-strength THS for a wide variety of conditions which include but are in no way limited to:

  • AIDS
  • HIV
  • ALS
  • Parkinson’s
  • PTSD
  • Crohn’s Disease

These life-altering conditions can now be treated legally and effectively through the application of cannabis, and the Knox Dispensary is here to help.