May 24, 2017

Dispelling Common Myths About Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida are misunderstood by many of us today. The unanswered questions of the legal practices involved with dispensing the cannabis, state regulations, required certifications, and risks and benefits of the drugs are all factors which lead to these common misconceptions. Additionally, the anticipation of the complete passing of Amendment 2 have left citizens with a false understanding of what is and is not legal for these institutions. All Natural Medical Solutions has the best medical marijuana doctors in Florida and are committed to helping all patients understand the necessary requirements for obtaining medical marijuana legally in the state of Florida.

Regulatory Practices by Qualified Professionals

A common misconception is the lack of qualification for medical professionals dispensing these drugs. All of our physicians are certified medical doctors carrying all of the accreditations required by the state. Upon dispensing cannabis for patients for medical relief, strict requirements are enforced by the state to avoid this substance being obtained for the wrong reasons such as recreational use, use and abuse by minors, and resale of the drug for illegal purposes. All Natural Medical solutions help our patients determine their need for the use of cannabis for medical relief with an in-depth screening process starting from the first step. If a patient does not meet all of the necessary state requirements, we will not pursue unethical practices. We have a long-standing reputation for providing trustworthy, professional services with only the most qualified medical personnel.

medical marijuana doctors in Florida

Risks and Benefits

The risks and benefits of medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida have caused heated debates for many lawmakers. One main concern is that the facility will promote an increased crime rate within the community. On the contraire, these facilities face many strict guidelines before being approved for business operations. A fully operational alarm facility, detailed labeling and packaging, and continuous video surveillance ensure that the business operations are in complete legal compliance at all times and safe practices are an ongoing part of daily operations.

Additionally, the shop is subject to frequent inspections to ensure complete law compliance. Parents are also concerned that these medical marijuana dispensaries bring cannabis into public circulation, thus increasing the possibility of ending up in the hands of the youth population. Specific criteria set by the state addresses this concern by ensuring every marijuana business plan must pick a location that is a specific radius from pre-school, primary, and secondary schools and all churches and recreational centers.

Answers to Amendment 2

Many opponents of legalizing medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida believe that legalizing Amendment 2 will make medical marijuana accessible to anyone at any time, thus promoting marijuana for recreational use and opening the door for youth to access this drug for recreational purposes. Though Amendment 2 does not have any provisions for legislations on where these dispensaries can be placed, if passed, the state lawmakers in Florida would be responsible for ensuring these mandates. The Amendment not only requires doctor’s certification for minors but also parental consent. It also clearly identifies the health conditions that qualify for the use of this drug. Pharmacies cannot legally dispense medical marijuana, making medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida a vital part of the community for suffering patients in need of this form of therapy.


medical marijuana doctors in FloridaAll Natural Medical Solutions have gained the trust of the most esteemed medical marijuana doctors in Florida. Medical marijuana has been used across America for relief in patients with terminal illnesses, psychiatric disorders, neurological disorders, and chronic pain for over 3000 years. While there are many common myths associated with medical marijuana dispensaries, it is important to increase awareness of the potential health benefits of this form of medicine. State laws ensure that this drug is not dispensed to patients unless they have a qualifying health condition and are in the most extreme cases where other medical treatment would not be found as effective.

Patients and doctors rely on Florida medical marijuana dispensaries. Though some are opposed to promoting these practices in the state of Florida, it has been proven that the benefits are great and there are no associated risks as long as the business practices are conducted in accordance with state guidelines. Becoming educated on medical marijuana is an important step in improving the healthcare treatment plans in the state of Florida.


May 17, 2017

Four Reasons You Should Consider Taking Advantage of Medical Marijuana

If you’ve been toying with the idea of using medical marijuana, then perhaps you should stop toying, and start looking for Florida medical marijuana doctors. There are more than a few reasons to start seeking one right away, so let’s go ahead and get into the four different reasons that you should start taking advantage of medical marijuana. Some of them are more obvious than you’d think.

Legal Protection from Florida medical Marijuana Dispensaries

medical marijuana doctors in FloridaYou may or may not be using marijuana already, but if you are doing so without a card, and without the consent of a medical marijuana doctor, then you are in fact in violation of both state and federal laws. The penalties for these violations can be ridiculously harsh, and with that being the case, finding a doctor is definitely in your best interest as it will allow you to use the substance legally.

It’s an Affordable Medicine

Marijuana is extremely affordable and it is difficult to raise any sort of dispute as to whether cannabis is effective. It has many benefits, for example, it can offset the blindness caused by glaucoma, and it can even relieve depression. There are many other benefits to keep in mind, and the best part is that they can all be attained without the side effects that come as a matter of course with most other medicines on the market. Believe it or not, marijuana has been used as a highly effective medicine for the last six thousand years, and it shows no signs of changing.

Access to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

With a medical marijuana card, you get access to medical marijuana dispensaries, which means no more buying it off the street. These shops are amazing, and many have likened them to coffee shops – though a lot more interesting. Along with being more convenient, there are quite a few different strains to choose from, making your experience very diverse – perhaps much more diverse than it would have been otherwise.

Grow your Own

If you’re looking for a real reason to seek out medical marijuana doctors in Florida, then consider that you can actually grow your own marijuana – legally. That’s right: if you have a green thumb already, then you have the option of growing your own marijuana, assuming your state allows it. Just make sure that you are adhering to the state’s regulations on limits.

Starting the Process

medical marijuana doctorAre you ready to start using medical marijuana legally? If you are sitting here reading this, then there is a good chance that you are suffering from a condition that either requires the use of extreme painkillers, or you have gone without such painkillers due to the potential for side effects. You know as well as anyone that the side effects can be hazardous to your health, and you might just be sick of them.

Finding a medical marijuana doctor to help you start the process doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult – unless of course, you attempt to do so on your own. Instead of that, however, employ our services, and let us help you to not only obtain the medical marijuana card you need, but to also find a medical marijuana doctor that will have your best interest at heart, and will be able to help you obtain your card legally.

You’re just a few steps away from getting the card that you need, and well deserve. Call us today and ask about our services; medical marijuana is without a doubt one of the most useful and effective treatments on the market for many conditions, and definitely not one that you want to miss out on!


May 12, 2017

Become a Legal Florida Medical Marijuana User with our Help

With the stigma attached to marijuana seemingly vanishing, it should be no surprise that so many people are now looking to it as a form of treatment, whether they have a visible disease like glaucoma, or a less visible one, like PTSD. The focus of this article will be marijuana and PTSD, however, before we get to that, we’d like to spend some time discussing how you can become a legal Florida marijuana user. The keyword here is legal – we know that it helps, and we know it can be great for you, but local laws and regulations make it very difficult to get ahold of. That being said, there are a few steps that you will need to follow.

Florida Medical Marijuana Can be Yours

Getting that medical marijuana card on your own can be difficult. There are a ton of legal barriers to navigate, and it all starts with getting a medical marijuana card. One of our purposes is to help you with the registration, and most importantly, getting a medical marijuana doctor recommendation. Believe it or not, most of it can be done over video chat, but we also have satellite locations across the country that can help you to get your card, wherever you are.

While we have been assisting with medical marijuana needs since 2014, Amendment #2 has widened the range of individuals that can benefit from it, and chronic pain sufferers are now included. You might just qualify, and not even know it yet! One of the most common afflictions that people suffer from when seeking medical marijuana, is PTSD, which is present in many of our veterans, as well as your run of the mill civilian.

Florida medical marijuana

PTST Statistics – A Nationwide Affliction

According to sources like PTSD United, 70% of adults in the United States have experienced an event that could be considered traumatic, with a full 20% of those developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. That said, 24.4 Million (8%) Americans have PTSD, making this a nationwide epidemic. PTSD is not an arbitrary condition; though it is invisible, it causes the same pain and suffering that you would find with many other diseases or conditions out there, which is why so many people seek a Florida Medical Marijuana card  to deal with it.

A Look at PTSD and How Marijuana Can Fix It

Your first and most obvious question is probably going to be something along the lines of: “How can medical marijuana even help PTSD?” The general answer among the uninformed would be something like “Well, it makes you feel good”. No suitable argument to that logic can be supplied, but the scientific explanation starts with endocannabinoid deficiency, or CEDC, which has been attributed to a wide range of illnesses including:

  • Migraine
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraine

Florida Medical Marijuana cardThis is a short list, but you can see that it’s a serious problem. Moving on from that, however, those who suffer from PTSD have been found to exhibit lower levels of anandamide: a substance that triggers the same receptors as those activated by THC. To put it in layman’s terms, PTSD causes the body to stop producing endocannabinoids, which are responsible for filling the receptor sites. Using THC to fill this gap can help to bring PTSD patients relief, in some cases.

While PTSD is a horrible condition and one that does need to be treated, it must be understood that there are many other conditions out there, many of which can be easily treated under the medical marijuana umbrella. If you feel that you are suffering from a treatable affliction, it is vital that you seek out a medical marijuana solution, and it is also important that you do so legally. Our team of highly knowledgeable, and highly trained experts stands ready to help you to meet the qualifications and push your application through the system. It might not be easy, but it’s what we’re here for, and we’re ready to help you get to a better place.

May 5, 2017

Qualifying Conditions for a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

Medical Marijuana Card in FloridaMedical Marijuana is an unprocessed marijuana plant. As numerous studies have proven how this all-natural substance can ease the pain and suffering in patients with many different medical conditions, lawmakers are pushing for ways to make using this method of relief a legal option. Medical Marijuana Licenses are issued by the state and allow the patient to gain a physician’s consent to legally use the cannabis for relief of their health ailments. Many different conditions qualify for this valuable, all-natural medicine. Educating patients and helping them access their Medical Marijuana Cards so that they can live a healthier, pain-free life is our main objective at All Natural Medical Solutions.

Psychological Disorders

Psychological disorders including, but not limited to Anxiety, Anorexia, and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) are common conditions that qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida. The specific chemical compound in Marijuana known as cannabidiol or CBD effects patient by calming their nerves and relaxes their stress condition. Many patients with these disorders prefer to turn to Medical Marijuana to help them cope with their psychological issues as opposed to prescription therapy because there are no side effects, and Medical Marijuana is an all-natural compound.

Inherited Conditions

Many unfortunate and uncomfortable health conditions are inherited. These patients suffer long-standing pain and discomfort that greatly affects their quality of life. These conditions such as Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s Disease, and Sickle Cell Anemia are some of the worst of the hereditary diseases that can benefit from having a Florida Medical Marijuana License. The active components in cannabis called cannabinoids and THC help to calm the nervous system and give these suffering patients the relief that they need.


Patients with diseases such as Hepatitis C, HIV, and Lyme Disease have weakened immune systems. Scientists have uncovered that patients with these and other related diseases remarkably benefit from various types of cannabis such as naturally occurring cannabis and endogenously produce cannabinoids. Our doctors understand your medical condition and our company is devoted to finding the right cannabis to target the relief that you need. While these conditions can greatly disturb a patient’s life, Medical Marijuana can help to improve their symptoms and prevent them from feeling helpless and depressed.

Physical Ailments

Arthritis, Glaucoma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, muscle spasms, seizures, severe and chronic pain, and severe nausea are some common physical ailments causing recurring suffering and anguish for patients today. Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida is a key step to helping patients overcome these debilitating health conditions. Compounds such as psychoactive TCH help to dampen the immune system and deactivate inflammatory proteins, thus causing a pain relieving effect. Medical Marijuana can also help to ease the nausea symptoms associated with these conditions.

Other Illnesses

While these are many of the health conditions that experience significant relief from obtaining a Florida Medical Marijuana Card, there are many other illnesses that are candidates for this remarkable Medical Marijuana Therapy. All terminal cancers and terminal conditions can be significantly relieved from this type of therapy. Additionally, many miscellaneous conditions have been found to be relieved with the use of Medical Marijuana. Our highly trained staff can help you determine if your condition qualifies for this valuable therapy.

A Place for Hope

Medical Marijuana in FloridaWith relief, there is hope for patients that a happy, comfortable life does exist. All Natural Medical Solutions is here for you. We understand how when a patient needs Medical Marijuana, there is no substitute for this treatment plan. We will not only help you to assess your needs in the safest, effective way, but we will also help you with completing your Marijuana registry applications and assist you in getting a Medical Marijuana Doctor recommendation.

We know what it takes to get Medical Marijuana in Florida, and we are ready to help you in your time of need. We provide compassionate assistance, and we care about our clients. We do not require access to your private medical records, and we ensure that all of our staff is highly qualified to help meet your needs. Contact our medical doctors to get started today.