Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Florida

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Florida

  • Knox Nursery (Orange County) - 888-441-KNOX,
  • Trulieve / Hackney Nursery (Gadsden County) - 844-TRULIEV,

  • GrowHealthy / McCrory’s Sunny Hill, Agri-Starts, Peckett’s and Eve’s nurseries (Polk County) - 800.619.5288,
  • Modern Health Concepts Costa Nursery Farms (Miami-Dade County) - 877-303-0741
  • Surterra Wellness / Alpha Foliage (Hillsborough County) - 850-391-5455
  • The Green Solution / Wyndham Growers (Alachua County - Grandiflora + San Felasco Nurseries)
  • AphriaCHT Medical / Chestnut Hill Tree Farm (Alachua County) - 855-524-8633 - CHT

All Natural Medical Solutions is not a medical marijuana dispensary in Florida. We are a certification center that specializes in Florida Marijuana Doctor recommendations.

Contact Information

All Natural Medical SolutionsAddress: 1131 E. Commercial Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33334

Call Us: (954) 939-0343

Marijuana Dispensaries

There are only 7 licensed dispensaries in the State of Florida. We could have as many as 25 by the end of June.


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