Can Medical Marijuana Improved Symptoms of Glaucoma

February 24, 2020 All Natural

Can Medical Marijuana Improved Symptoms of Glaucoma

Many people are looking to marijuana to see if it has enough components that can help their glaucoma problem. Many now have legalized marijuana for their medical patients who are going through terminal diseases. For the people who are not going through any disease, these states would have tighter laws against them getting access to medical marijuana. With the rise of medical marijuana has made a lot of people the question: Can medical marijuana improve symptoms of glaucoma? This article will be about this question, and you will get to know the opinions of MMJ Doctors. So you can be sure if you are thinking of this way of treating your glaucoma.


Before we jump down the question that we have in our hand, we first have to take a look at what is glaucoma? And how does it impact our vision?



Our optic nerve carries the visual from our eye to the brain. Glaucoma damages the optic nerve that disconnects the visual from the optic nerve to our brain, resulting in vision loss and blindness. The potential loss of peripheral vision is part of glaucoma, if one is unable to treat glaucoma in time, they will potentially lose their vision forever. That is why people various ways to reduce the effect of glaucoma in their eyes, and it can be done in many ways, but is marijuana one of them? In this article, we are gonna go a little deeper into what marijuana does to Glaucoma and what MMJ Doctors think about this way of treatment.


Glaucoma affects 3 million Americans, which commonly takes place in the body when IOP or intraocular pressure rises to a certain level. Like I said before, there are ways to control the effects of glaucoma. All of the methods provided by MMJ Doctors suggest that reduction of the IOP levels in our body will control the level of glaucoma.


Treatment For Glaucoma

The treatment for glaucoma is to lower the intraocular pressure in your eye to slowly control the damage of the optic nerve. Because glaucoma is caused by the rising of the intraocular pressure. The traditional methods of treating glaucoma have always been proper eye medications, laser treatments, and at last surgery.


Medication to glaucoma offers eye drops that can lower the pressure on both of your eyes. This will prevent glaucoma from popping up in your body. Plenty of results have shown eyedrops being one of the most effective medications to stop the rate of glaucoma progress. But this can get very annoying for some people to drop a liquid in their eye every single day. That’s why they opt out to other methods that can lower the level of glaucoma without making the patient use medication every single day.


Marijuana Treatment

Since the legalization of marijuana treatment in the eyes have made a lot of people aware of the effects that medical marijuana offers to the body. One particular aspect of the medical marijuana that people seemed to care about the most is the effects it has on the eyes. Since much research has shown marijuana can lower the eye pressure, so it must have some positive elements in them that can help them to lower the level of glaucoma. Many MMJ Doctors have said marijuana can lower the level of glaucoma but there is another cost that glaucoma patients have to pay for it.


And that is what matters here, sure it can help with your glaucoma, but the ‘other things’ that you have to deal with if you take a method to cure your glaucoma is what is at stake here.

Glaucoma and Marijuana


Glaucoma is a disease on the optic nerve and marijuana now has become a recreational drug for many patients with terminal diseases. The notion of marijuana can cure the effects of glaucoma isn’t something that we are hearing now. In the 1970s and ’80s, plenty of research showed the marijuana decreasing the intraocular pressure after 3 or 4 hours of inhaling medical marijuana. As you know, the rise in intraocular pressure is the one that helps create glaucoma in the eye. Some of the research showed ingesting THC as a pill or needle helps treat glaucoma. Slowing down to a level made a lot of people think that marijuana is the answer to the question.


While all of it sounds good, there are also negative aspects of this solution. While it is true that medical marijuana slows down the rate of intraocular pressure by 3 to 5mm in our body. But the reduction rate has to be maintained for it to happen every single day. That means you have to inhale medical marijuana at least 8 times a day, every single day to reduce the level of intraocular pressure in the body. This is where the negative aspects of the solution slowly begin to show up at the surface.


Smoking marijuana 8 times a day can have a lot of effect in your body, and all of them would be negative compared to one single positive that is it can reduce the intraocular pressure level. Most people will see this as a bad trade to their health. Inhaling marijuana or ingesting it through pill or injection will have a negative impact on your mood, mental clarity, if you go by the route of smoking marijuana it can have a negative effect on the lung, as you would have a harder time to breathe. To many people who stay at the house, these negative aspects of it can be dealt with, but for the people who have to go to work or have some transportation job that includes some sort of vehicle, smoking marijuana can blind your decision.


If you are in your hospital bed, then the problem that comes with medical marijuana wouldn’t affect your life. Compared to the people who are truck drivers, their sole job is to get behind the wheel of a truck and transport one item to another place without any accident. Inhaling the marijuana every single hour of the day can leave you too impaired to drive. And there are other reasons why inhaling marijuana is bad.


It might surprise you but alcohol can also lower the intraocular pressure for an hour. If you stretch the previous sentence then sure alcohol can also be used to treat your glaucoma. But that will mean you have to drink a beer every hour of the day. Treating your glaucoma with marijuana is works in the same exact way as the alcohol approach. Many MMJ Doctors would tell you this way of treating any disease could be bad for health. Which it is, drinking alcohol or smoking medical marijuana seems the right approach and it does show the result in treating your glaucoma, but a constant usage will deplete every other part of your body to an unhealthy degree.


Bad effects to Glaucoma

Inhaling marijuana will leave you in a state of despair, but their other things that medical marijuana will do to your health, especially if you have glaucoma. Many MMJ Doctors have said inhaling marijuana, if you have glaucoma, it will create tachycardia. Which will raise the heart rate, and decrease blood pressure? Since the marijuana will have an effect on the optic nerve, as it is the one that will be suffering from glaucoma disease. Tachycardia will slow down the blood flow in the optic nerve. Interested in getting started on medical marijuana in Florida?


This will have the chance to further damage the optic nerve, piling on to the damages that are already being done by the Glaucoma. As you can tell how much you would be losing if you take the approach of medical marijuana to cure your glaucoma on your body. While there is a chance that all would be played out well in your body. But there is also a chance that this will drastically change the regularity of the body. Most especially in the optic nerves of the system.


Inhaling marijuana cigarettes will have a negative impact on your lungs. These cigarettes will contain chemical compounds such as tobacco that will do an immense level of damage to the lung if you have decided to inhale marijuana every single hour of the day. Multiple studies have shown that inhaling marijuana can sometimes have permanent effects on the functions of the brain. As your brain would have a hard time thinking coherent thoughts before letting out of your mouth. These are the bad effects of marijuana one has to deal with if they go for the constant use of the drug every single day of the year.


To the glaucoma patients, they have to at least take the marijuana at least every 3 hours to lower any sort of pressure on their eye to reduce the level of glaucoma in their body. Dealing with mood-altering effects, damage to the brain, are some of the things that you have to deal with by curing your glaucoma with the medical marijuana approach.


Another way of getting it

Since now we know that inhaling marijuana to cure glaucoma can create heavy problems in our body but is there other ways that MMJ Doctors recommend to take marijuana without making the body go through all the hurdles over it? Since most of the diseases that glaucoma patients have to deal with comes with inhaling medical marijuana in their body. Since we know that THC tetrahydrocannabinol is the active ingredient that will lower the intraocular pressure on the optic nerve, to lower the level of glaucoma.


Multiple studies have been performed to see if the ingestion of THC through the mouth or sublingual ways have any effects on treating glaucoma in the body. The answer is, yes but no in the long run. THC ingestion in the body is considered a poor way of treating the Glaucoma in the body. To add more to the pile of negative effects, ingestion of medical marijuana through oral will help raise a bunch of side effects in the glaucoma patients. Although the patients don’t have to go through the problems that come in our body through inhaling the medical marijuana. Ingesting it will show up plenty of other side effects that make taking the drug in orally a bad treatment by many MMJ Doctors.


Many reports show the THC oral procedure will worsen glaucoma in the body. Because of a lack of blood flow to the optic nerve. As medical marijuana will reduce the blood pressure in the body that will create many other problems with making glaucoma worse. These are things that you have to deal with if you decide to take this approach of treatment.


While it is not all sad and gloomy, medical marijuana shows that it can reduce the eye pressure, it does provide neuroprotection against the damage to the optic nerve. Which can help strengthen the optic nerve to take on any diseases? But here is the thing, not many studies have been performed covering this side of the table, the future study may improve the effects of glaucoma but for now many research and studies have to be performed to make marijuana a viable option to treat your glaucoma. It is not healthy to take large doses of marijuana every single hour of the day, because it helps reduce the effect on your eye for a certain period of time.



It is true, that medical marijuana can have some impact on your glaucoma, but many MMJ Doctors opinions are not to choose this approach to treat your medical marijuana. As it will lead to the creation of plenty of new diseases in your body while making your glaucoma worse every single day. The old traditional methods to deal with glaucoma are much better options to go the highway. Inhaling or ingesting medical marijuana through oral or under the tongue will reduce the blood flow to the optic nerve. These are things that make medical marijuana a bad choice for treating your glaucoma. Get Started.

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