Medical Marijuana Is The New Remedy For Treating Back Pain

January 11, 2022 All Natural

Back pain and problems are among patients’ most frequent complaints to their doctors. Nearly 70 million Americans report a recent episode of back pain. Some 16 million adults 10 percent of all adults experience persistent or chronic back pain, and as a result are limited in certain everyday activities. Back pain is the sixth most costly condition in the United States. Health care costs and indirect costs due to back pain are over $10 billion per year. Adults with back pain are more likely to qualify for medical card services than adults without back pain. Many of the indirect costs of the condition are related to missed days of work and disability payments. This Profile uses the term “adults with back pain” to describe adults who experience persistent or chronic back pain that limits their everyday activities.









Where do people have chronic pain?

Chronic pain can come in many different forms and appear across your body. Common types of chronic pain include:

  • Arthritis, or joint pain.
  • Back pain.
  • Neck pain.
  • Cancer pain near a tumor.
  • Headaches, including migraines.
  • Testicular pain (orchialgia).
  • Lasting pain in scar tissue.
  • Muscle pain all over (such as with fibromyalgia).
  • Neurogenic pain, from damage to the nerves or other parts of the nervous system.

What causes chronic pain?

Sometimes chronic pain has an obvious cause. You may have a long-lasting illness such as arthritis or cancer that can cause ongoing pain. Injuries and diseases can also cause changes to your body that leave you more sensitive to pain. These changes can stay in place even after you’ve healed from the original injury or disease. Something like a sprain, a broken bone or a brief infection can leave you with chronic pain. Some people also have chronic pain that’s not tied to an injury or physical illness. Healthcare providers call this response psychogenic pain or psychosomatic pain. It’s caused by psychological factors such as stress, anxiety and depression. Many scientists believe this connection comes from low levels of endorphins in the blood. Endorphins are natural chemicals that trigger positive feelings. It’s possible to have several causes of pain overlap. You could have two different diseases, for example. Or you could have something like migraines and psychogenic pain together.


How is chronic pain diagnosed?

Pain is considered to be chronic if it lasts or comes and goes for more than three months. Pain is usually a symptom, so your healthcare provider needs to determine what’s causing your pain, if possible. Pain is subjective only the person experiencing it can identify and describe it so it can be difficult for providers to determine the cause.


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