Best Ways to Use Cannabis to Relieve Hemorrhoidal Pain

November 10, 2020 All Natural

The Best Ways to Use Cannabis to relieve pain from hemorrhoids:

You probably must have heard from someone that they do not get relief from any medications for their hemorrhoids. People have been trying all sorts of herbal and medicinal supplements for their condition.


Hemorrhoids are commonly known for piles or swellings in the anus and rectum. They are due to the enlarged blood vessels and may irritate the individual very much. The condition is very embarrassing for anyone to talk or discuss, even to a doctor. But there are third-fourth of the population who encounter this medical condition with great pain and embarrassment.

Many people do not get a certain number of symptoms of hemorrhoids but over a long time, it becomes apparent. It causes great discomfort and pain in the anal or rectal area. The external or internal hemorrhoids cause irritation, redness, itching, and sometimes even the presence of blood when you disembowel. If you see blood on the toilet or the toilet paper or feel pain in the anus while defecating, then you might have developed hemorrhoids.

There are two types of hemorrhoids: internal and external. They might feel differently and have distinct symptoms. Internal hemorrhoids occur inside the rectal or anal area. These do not feel immediately as they occur. They are not seen or felt as much as external hemorrhoids do. Since they occur inside the rectum, they do not cause extreme discomfort. When we try too hard to defecate, this internal hemorrhoid may protrude and cause extreme discomfort. It might even cause your anus to bleed while passing stool. External hemorrhoids are those which occur just under the skin of the anus and around the area of the buttocks. As they are very visible and outside the anal area, it causes a great deal of itching and bleeding. They cause a lot of pain, swelling, and inflammation. They even leave red patches or blood clots.


How to reduce pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids

But worry not, hemorrhoids are painful, but they can be treated with various methods. Since it is a lifestyle-oriented medical condition, any person who might have them can prevent or reduce the occurrence. They just need to change some unhelpful lifestyle practices. If you are working for long hours, you should try taking breaks in between meetings or tasks. You could also do some stretching when you get up or go to the bathroom. Walking when you take a lunch break, or an evening break could go a long way. Apart from the work environment, when you are at home or anywhere else try to eat as much fiber-enriched food. This will help in a smoother flow of bowel movements and prevent internal hemorrhoids. Food items that are nutritious and fiber-enriched such as fruits, green vegetables, microgreens, and legumes, should be included in your diet.


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How to use cannabis for relieving pain?

People who have encountered hemorrhoids may try to get rid of it through medications or topical treatment. One way to treat it with home remedies is by using cannabis or marijuana in various forms.


Marijuana or in a technical manner, cannabis is made from the cannabis plant. People use it for recreational purposes in many countries. There are two ways you can use this drug: smoke it on its own or eat it. People have been creative with the use of drugs and they mix it with tobacco or cooked with food or in tea. Marijuana or cannabis is used and prescribed for many reasons. Mostly people use it to relieve pain or mental distress.


We all know marijuana is an illegal drug in many countries and has so many negative impacts on our health and well-being. But researchers from an opposing source have been studying both sides of the cannabis drug. Recently in 2017, an interdisciplinary team of researchers has reviewed the health effects of cannabis or marijuana and its chemical constituents, most commonly cannabidiol and tetrahydro cannabidiol. After two decades of studying these effects of medical marijuana, the review shows that there were majorly therapeutic implications: it helps with chronic pain, reduces side effects of chemotherapy, and decreases the multiple sclerosis-related spasticities.


Although it is not extremely strong for the anti-inflammatory effect of hemorrhoids, it is proven to be effective. The herb is very effective in dealing with the irritation associated with hemorrhoids.


Marijuana is an active ingredient in many pain-relief medications and anti-inflammatory supplements. In cases such as hemorrhoids, cannabinoid treatment is observed to be soothing. There are majorly two ways to treat hemorrhoids using marijuana: internal and external. When consumed internally, CBD treatment is done by either eating marijuana strains or inhaling it. It will direct itself into your bloodstream and reduce pain and anxiety. External uses are by applying any ointment or lotion containing CBD supplement in high amounts.


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Below are few home remedies you can try to reduce pain and discomfort from hemorrhoids:

  1. Suppository Form is the best way to treat this condition. That is done by inserting a capsule like pill into your rectum. That onset of action is typically 10-20 min and has a bio availability factor of 70-80%.
  2. Extracted CBD: Though an extreme manner, it is possible to extract the oil of cannabis and use it orally. Due to its extreme quality, it is suggested that you should use it in small quantities to avoid intoxication.
  3. External treatments: Marijuana-based ointments, lotions, and balms are very popular nowadays. People with hemorrhoids use lotions and salves to relieve pain and irritation to the affected area.
  4. Edible forms of marijuana: People have been trying out new ways to use marijuana. One of the most common is eating it through food or beverages. Food induced with marijuana would involve cookies, brownies, truffles, etc. You could brew it with tea as well. But it has a lighter effect of CBD so it is generally preferred when you have lesser discomfort.
  5. Sublingual Marijuana usage: Sublingual administration means that the person will put the cannabis under the tongue for the direct effect. It will react faster than any other method and will relieve you from the pain and inflammations.


Though the use of marijuana is controversial, and it is intoxicating, but it has great soothing powers to relieve you from the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids. Studies support the positive impact of CBD treatment with controlled consumption. Hence it is another way to reduce or get rid of hemorrhoids easily. Contact our group of Florida marijuana Doctors today to learn more about getting your medical marijuana card in Florida today.