Can I Get Medical Marijuana For Anxiety In Florida

February 7, 2020 All Natural

The answer is YES! Medical marijuana may be provided to people suffering from anxiety in Florida. In addition to that, people that are leaving with the condition known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are considered to access medical marijuana for treatment of the stress and anxiety that comes with the situation. However, people seeking this kind of medication ought to follow a specified process that involves booking and visiting a licensed Medical marijuana doctor.

What are the signs and symptoms of anxiety?

First and foremost, it is necessary that one gets to know the signs that show up when they are suffering from anxiety. The signs may include the following;

  • Experiential of the sense of impending danger.
  • Isolation and avoiding people.
  • Having trouble while trying to fall asleep.
  • Stomach complications
  • Feeling on edge as well as Irritability.
  • General weakness and feeling weary.
  • Trembling and sweating excessively.
  • Heart rate increament and panicking.

The common conditions for anxiety include Specific Phobia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Despite the fact that these conditions have common features, anxiety presents itself differently in each condition. Anxiety is a common sign of depression, PTSD, and chronic diseases among other problems related to trauma. In the recent past, anxiety has been so common such that people just ignore it progresses onto a point that it is extreme. Despite the fact that it is treatable, people fail to seek medical attention when necessary. This is because they fail to understand that living with it can result to chronic diseases as well as other stress related disorders.

Types of PTSD 

There are four types of PTSD and they include;

  • Having flashbacks

In most cases, the traumatic event that gave rise to the PTSD condition may come back to the mind of a patient thus leading to confusion, nightmares as well as general stress.

  • Living with negative beliefs as well as feelings

This is a type of PTSD which causes people to have negative feelings concerning others as well as themselves. Such negativity may cause one to have suicidal thoughts as well as depression.

  • Avoiding people

Often, people struggling with PTSD tend to keep off situations that could bring about memories of traumatic events. For instance, say the event happened in a crowded area, a person living with PTSD may end up secluding themselves from crowded areas. This could therefore result to such people missing out on important occasions such as weddings and graduation as they come along with crowds.

  • Hyperarousal

This type is often described as a ‘high alert’. One may appear stressed, anxious, irritable as well as jittery. In addition, they may have difficulty while trying to fall asleep. In addition, they might be easily irritated by loud noise and also have problems while trying to concentrate.

Medical marijuana that has been prescribed by licensed Medical Marijuana doctors aids in relieving symptoms that include insomnia, anxiety as well as jittery feelings. CBD helps to relieve anxiety by boosting the signals of the serotonin receptors. THC on the other hand tend to improve one’s moods. It also assists in alleviating anxiety by interaction with receptors of the brain.

When is a patient suffering from anxiety allowed to use medical marijuana in Florida?

Basically, to qualify for use of medical marijuana in treatment of anxiety one ought to consult a licensed medical marijuana doctor so that they can obtain medical marijuana card which shows authorization. Specific conditions should be met for one to be qualified for that particular card. Anxiety has not yet been made an official condition that makes one qualified to access the medical marijuana card. As a matter of fact only 2 out of 32 states have listed anxiety as one of the conditions under which one might qualify in obtaining an authorization card. Therefore, many people might be restricted from use of marijuana for treatment of anxiety.

What is the correct dosage of marijuana for treatment of anxiety?

Inarguably, it is difficult to answer what the correct cannabis dosing should be. Anecdotal evidence as well as research claim that low intermittent dosing happens to effective in managing anxiety. It is advisable for patients that are new to cannabis to commence with low doses. This is because high doses of THC is known to cause the multiplication of anxiety level as well as paranoia. The dose range commonly administered is as follows;

  • THC ranging between 1 to 3 milligrams which happens to be below the threshold of physo-activity.
  • CBD ranging from 2.5 to 10 milligrams. The range goes up to 50 milligrams and is usually tolerable.

What is the mode of administering medical marijuana for anxiety?

Means of delivery to the body include orally, sublingually or by inhalation. All these routes happen to work with equal effectiveness. However, when it comes to patients that have had less experience with marijuana, it is best for them to use sublingual drops or rather inhalation. This because it is difficult measure the accurate dosage with edibles as well as other oral delivery methods of medical marijuana. Oral medication tend to have long duration effects and therefore overdosing may be uncomfortable to patients.

What does medical marijuana for anxiety consist of?

Do you often wonder what the constituents of medical marijuana are? Well, you are about to get informed because I got an answer to that question right here. Medical Marijuana used to treat anxiety contain;


In most cases combination of different levels of THC as well as CBD tend to yield different results. There are minimal changes to patients who use cannabis that contains a low amount of either THC or CBD. Very few cases have been reported where a combination of high THC and high CBD helped to alleviate depression. When both THC and CBD are high, the effect of the medical marijuana tends to be great. Therefore, cannabis with high contents of the two chemicals are effective for treatment of anxiety and relieving of stress as they perform well.

Primary Terpenes

Terpenes refer to essential oils that are found in the cannabis plant. They are known to have a scent that is aromatic as well as a distinct taste. The smell and taste is influenced by the ratio of CBD to THC. Also, strain effects are said to be driven by the Terpenes profile. Therefore, being aware of the Terpene profile of the drug that one is about to consume will ensure that they select those that are in alignment with their problems. For example, Limonene has an uplifting and calming effect. Myerce on the other hand has sedating as well as relaxing effects. In addition, Linolool has both smoothing as well as calming effects. Strains that are high in Pinene ought to be avoided by patients that have PTSD as well as phobias. Notably, THC has a tendency to tendency to alter the recalling of memories and dreams which is advantageous to such patients. However, Pinene counteracts this particular effects.

Choose the appropriate strain in regard to your condition

More often than not, High CBD strains such as DC as well as AC are an amazing selection. Also, uplifting Hybrids such as Girl Scout Cookies are liked by most patients that have had a taste of them. Heavy Indica stains such as the Grand Daddy Purple is a favorite to many when it comes to treating anxiety. Notably, patients ought to abstain from using Sativa dominant strains until they are aware of how they react to its use. This is due to the fact that it has cerebral effects that consequently increase the level of anxiety.

What about the research?

In the recent past, research has proven that smoking marijuana lowers levels of anxiety. A series of trials also shows that there different effects on use of marijuana in men and women. Women experienced the most effects from smoking marijuana as their anxiety level decreased in a huge extent as opposed to the anxiety level of men when the amounts smoked were the same. In addition, research has also proven that women are more likely is seek medical marijuana as a model of treatment of anxiety than men would.

What is recommended for you!

Here are five recommendations on some of the medical marijuana products that one may want to try if they happen to be Florida residents. They include;

  • Surterra’s Soothe
  • This is a product that has balanced ratio of the THC and CBD. It is perfect when a patient is feeling irritable as well as on edge. It is also applicable when one feels triggered for PTSD. In addition, it assists in not only re-focusing but also re-centering one’s mind.
    • Trulieve’s Grand Daddy Purple
  • It is a THC Indica and provides the body with much relaxation. Also, it happens to be sedating especially when high doses are used. It is best to use it for treatment of difficulty in sleeping or rather after one has had a long tiresome day.
    • Surterra’s Serene
  • This product contains a high percentage of CBD compared to THC. It has calming effect and helps a patient feel relaxed as it has a grounding effect. In addition, it is essential in alleviating minimal levels of anxiety as helps one to keep alert. It is best for used during daytime at it has no adverse effect of drowsiness or sleep.
    • Surterra’s Calm
  • This product has very much CBD and little THC. It happens to be very nice for panic attacks and increased generalized anxiety patients.
    • Aphria’s Pineapple Express
  • It is a product that is made of purely THC substance. It helps in drawing away all the fear, nervousness and worry that a patient could be having. It also helps to relieve overall stress.

In conclusion, it is important to acknowledge that dealing with the symptoms of PTSD could prove to not only be isolating but also be frightening. Consultation of an experienced Medical Marijuana doctor is where it should all start. This is because they are responsible of providing recommendations that may assist to alleviate PTSD symptoms with much expertise. The medical marijuana prescribed will provide relief to flashbacks among other PTSD symptoms.

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