Can Medical Cannabis Treat Patients With Epilepsy

February 4, 2020 All Natural

First and foremost, there exist no straight answer to this question. This is because it all depends with the person consuming the drug as bodies of different people tend to react differently. Medical cannabis are certain chemicals that are often utilized for medical purposes. In addition, cannabinoids happen to be substances that cause changes to body cells as well as the brain and are found in medical cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD) as well as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two main cannabinoids that are utilized in medicine. In the recent past, utilization of cannabis in treatment of epilepsy conditions as well as other major neurological conditions have been carefully investigated. Some agreed with credibility of it’s use to treating epilepsy while others had to differ with the idea based on their findings. This article provides you with relevant information regarding some of those findings.


Tips to keep in mind concerning hemp

To begin with, hemp happens to be a variety of a plant named cannabis Sativa that was(in the past) grown for seeds and stalks because they contained useful fibrous materials. The fibrous materials were later used to manufacture products such as upholstery and clothing fibre among many other items used in common households. Traditionally, hemp constitutes of higher levels of CBD but low levels of THC. Often, cannabinoids that are obtained from hemp plants with CBD being amongst them have been considered as marijuana in the recent past. It is also classified under Schedule I substances which simply indicates that they are not authorized drugs to use for medical purposes and also have a possibility of being abused. Therefore the only CBD product that whose use to treat epilepsy has been permitted after a thorough study remains to be a drug named Epidiolex. Notably, not every CBD product is the same even from a particular batch to another and therefore caution ought to be taken before consuming it. That is the reason why visiting a licensed medical marijuana doctor near me and well you of course to talk about it is effective and a wise decision. Informed decisions are the best when it comes to medication.


Does medical marijuana really help to eliminate seizures?

Anecdotal evidence, minor clinical studies as well as findings from laboratory studies that were carried out in the recent past indicated that CBD may have the ability to control seizures. However, research based on investigation of cannabidiol tends to not only be difficult to handle but also consumes much time because of the fact that the access to CBD is restrained as well as federal regulations. In addition, time as well as finances are both limited. However, some of those findings indicates that CBD conferred benefits to a a particular group of people to people that suffered epilepsy but did not respond to traditional modes of treatment.


Epidiolex happens to be a CBD extract that is purified after being obtained from the cannabis plant. It is used in treatment of two epileptic conditions. Those conditions include the Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome as well as Dravet Syndrome. Dravet Syndrome often begin with actual febrile seizures that may occur during the first year of infancy. Besides, other kinds of seizures are possibly said to occur as the epileptic condition persists. Some of those seizures may include myoclonic seizures which is associated by short but uncontrolled muscle spasms. Other children may develop status epilepticus where they tend to suffer seizures that are continuous and demand emergency intervention. On secondary effects, they may it difficult to relate with others, have poor language abilities, become hyperactive and also have impaired motor skills.


Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome tend to be rare but also extreme childhood onset epilepsy. It is said to commence at the age of three to five years. It is also characterized by frequent seizures that may cause the patient’s body to experience a sudden stiffening of muscles in several body parts that include the limbs. It is unfortunate that most children suffering this condition develop intellectual disabilities and may be in need of being aided in their day to day activities.


To control these two conditions the use of Epidiolex may help to manage seizures if the medical marijuana doctor recommends that you try it as a mode of treatment.


Are there side effects that come along with using medical marijuana to treat epilepsy?

The use of Medical Marijuana is said to be accompanied by quite a number of side effects that are influenced by the mode of administration. For instance, patients of epilepsy that may opt to smoke marijuana are likely to suffer heart as well as lung problems. In addition, most people tend to perceive marijuana as a mere plant but surprisingly it is broken down by the liver just like other types of medication. In addition, people tend to be mistaken on the assumption that consumption of medical marijuana is safe simply because the oil is extracted from a plant or rather because it is a plant. However, they are wrong due to the reason that medical interaction tend to occur from time to time.


Research has been carried out on various people and the safety data that has been obtained from the trials taken did prove presence of side effects of similar kind. The study which was conducted on people with Dravet Syndrome as well as Lennox-Gaustat Syndrome showed side effects that include;

  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue and general tiredness
  • Poor sleep
  • Insomnia
  • Infections
  • Rashes
  • Lethargy
  • Reduced appetite

In addition, people that consumed placebo are the ones that were found to suffer consequential stomach upset as well diarrhea. It is suspected that the oil in medical marijuana products is what brings about the diarrhea.


What about medical marijuana drug interaction ?

As mentioned earlier, different research conducted reveal quite a number of facts. One of the findings were that there exist some drug to drug interactions during the consumption of CBD to treat epilepsy as prescribed by the licensed medical marijuana doctor near you. Some of the patients showed a rise in the level of liver enzymes to a point that the amount tripled the normal. All of them were said to combine Valproic acid(VPA) which is a drug commonly used as an anti-seizure as well as medical marijuana. It was also noted that the amounts of VPA did not get to be added each time it was taken alongside CBD. In addition, researchers claim that a by-product or rather segment of VPA, when broken down, could interact with CBD. However, a combination of the two might clearly raise the chances of suffering severe liver damages.


On the other hand, during the breaking down process of clobozam, a particular constituent of the drug tend to interact with CBD in bodies of various epileptic patients. That is the reason why people that use clobazam alongside CBD tend to feel tired all the time after the use. Some other risks associated with the use of medical cannabis to treat epilepsy include;

  • Panic attacks
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Depression
  • Agitation
  • Suicidal attempts
  • Increased aggressiveness

It is advisable that one gets to visit a licensed medical marijuana near them if in case symptoms persists rather than having their health restored back to normal. The MMJ  doctor might help with changing medication to relevant alternatives.


Suppose other drugs fail to work effectively on a person suffering epilepsy. Should they consider medical cannabis ?

Patients suffering from epilepsy tend to have seizures that often alter with the normal functioning of the body. It should be controlled by taking medication that has anti-seizure mechanisms. However, conventional or rather ordinary treatments may fail to be as effective as they should be in bodies of epileptic people.if one came to such a desperate point of sickness it is wise that they consider using medical marijuana in form of CBD oil. Notably, such crucial decisions ought not to be taken unless the epileptic patient gets to consult a medical marijuana doctor near them. The MMJ doctor evaluates the case and gets to rule out whether all of the possible ways of treatment have been tried but failed to perform as expected. By ‘all possible treatment’, I mean all there is, including dietary therapy, surgery, new and add-on drugs that have been approved by FDA. Notably, there exist an Epilepsy foundation that insist that people seeking for any treatment regarding them being epileptic get to visit experienced doctors so that they may stick to being on the safe side of their health life as they change a mode of treatment to another.


 What about travelling with medical marijuana?

When planning to fly, ensure that you get yourself a carry on or rather pack in checked baggage medication. Usually, the carry on quantity of liquids is less than one hundred millimeters. However, TSA permit larger amounts of medication provided that a reasonable explanation is provided. When it comes to checked baggage, medication in liquid form are permitted without limitations, packing requirements as well as quantity restrictions. It is advisable that one get to declare the drugs to the security officers situated at respective checkpoints. Get Started.

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