Can Medical Marijuana Help With Panic Disorders

April 23, 2020 All Natural

Marijuana is used as an effort to struggle with the unpleasant consequences of many consumers’ panic attacks. Anxiety and medical marijuana go hand-in-hand in some individuals, and they may not have a pleasant or calming experience when using marijuana. Medical doctors in Florida have stated that several individuals feel that marijuana can cause signs of stress or enhance their existing anxiety, particularly if they use it in a condition that is not relaxing, or if they are attempting to hide their use of the drug.










Research has indicated that the long-term usage of medical marijuana has a connection with anxiety. It also stated that the short-term usage of medical marijuana releases stress, but its regular use can bring anxiety symptoms or can also make them worse. The long term of medical marijuana can also cause some long-term problems like memory loss and cognition issues.


Panic attacks and marijuana 

In general, the immediate results of marijuana use give a feeling of intense relief and well-being, although this is not entirely the case. The stress-related side effects of marijuana are sometimes underestimated or overlooked, but they are necessary to consider. The adverse effects of marijuana use can involve anxiety and fear, and an increased likelihood of depressive symptoms, especially in people who have a history of using marijuana.


With marijuana and anxiety, someone may only begin to experience general discomfort, which can grow into complete-scale panic. For a panic attack, the person who took the medication will continue to feel like he is suffering or going insane. In certain situations, these panic attacks may be severe and may contribute to the harmful behavior of the individual consuming marijuana. The studies have found that with marijuana and anxiety responses, the brain is unable to screen out unusual sensations that may contribute to fear and hallucinations.








High dosage of Medical Marijuana 

The biggest issue with using marijuana as an anxiety treatment method is that it can build a psychiatric dependency on the drug. The impacts of marijuana are rapidly-acting; long-term therapeutic coping mechanisms can appear less effective at first and will be less likely to be established. Marijuana can affect the body in a variety of ways besides just making you high. The high sensation that you may get after consuming or ingesting marijuana is related to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical that has psychoactive effects on marijuana.


THC can increase the pulse rate, which can make you feel much more stressed. Using a high dosage of marijuana can make you feel afraid or nervous. In some conditions, marijuana can also trigger orthostatic hypotension, a rapid decrease in blood pressure when standing, which may cause lightheadedness or faintness. Marijuana can also induce nausea, dizziness, and blurred vision, which can lead to anxiety.


Marijuana doctors in Florida stated that another relation between marijuana and anxiety is that individuals with stress might be more prone to over-indulge in marijuana as a form of self-medication. However, that may lead to concerns with drug misuse. Click Here for more.

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