Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Patients With Lupus

February 28, 2020 All Natural

Lupus is categorized as a chronic autoimmune disease. When somebody has lupus, it means that their immune system is overactive, so it begins to attack healthy tissue.

In someone without lupus, the immune system makes antibodies to defend against viruses and bacteria, but if you have the ailment, your immune system can’t tell the difference between healthy tissue and those substances that produce an invulnerable response. If you have lupus, your body essentially is pointing antibodies at your healthy tissue, leading to inflammation, pain, and damage. Anybody part can be affected by lupus including skin, organs, joints, the brain and more.

Lupus can range from mild to deadly, and it’s measured a systemic condition that’s not contagious. The huge majority of people with lupus are women, and it’s supposed to be the result of genetic and environmental factors.


Some likely symptoms of lupus are Rash shaped like a butterfly across the face, Skin lesions that may worsen with sun exposure, Fatigue, Fever, Stiffness, pain and swelling in joints, Swelling of the feet, legs, hands and around eyes, Raynaud’s phenomenon, which causes fingers and toes to turn blue or white in cold or due to stress, Dry eyes, Headaches, Confusion or memory loss, Ulcers in the mouth or nose, Swollen glands, Dizziness. Lupus, similar to most autoimmune diseases, is considered not simply by one symptom, but many. Some are serious, like kidney failure, others are distressing, such as hair loss but for many of the symptoms that affect daily quality of life, such as irritation, nervousness, queasiness, migraines, agony, and sleep deprivation, marijuana might have the option to help.

Does Marijuana Help Lupus?

The subject of medical marijuana is one that’s usually discussed and even debated. There have been favorable research showing that marijuana does have potential medicinal benefits for certain conditions, hence what about marijuana and lupus? Does marijuana help lupus?

With marijuana and lupus, there is some exploration indicating that it might be a significant choice for individuals with this specific condition as well as another immune system issue. Marijuana or weed cards is by all accounts the main sheltered, common, and successful treatment that exists for lupus,” Angie says. “The way to treating lupus with cannabis is elevated levels of CBD orally ingested every day. Cases appear to be the most helpful however can be hard to find.” Cannabis has been shown to lessening inflammation in the body because it suppresses specific components of the immune system. Because of how marijuana may potentially affect the immune system it can help calm the abnormal immune response that is characteristic of lupus. With marijuana and lupus, people may actually be able to gain the benefits by using marijuana which is a particular component of cannabis that doesn’t have psychoactive effects. High levels of oral CBD may be the finest way for people to deal with their lupus symptoms. Contact Us.

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