How To Get Your Medical Marijuana and Stay Protected from COVID19

April 3, 2020 All Natural

If you are wondering how to take your medical marijuana in a time like this. And what is the opinion of medical marijuana doctors and what their suggestions are? Then you are at the right place, here you will find the proper answer to get your prescribed drugs and the tips you can apply to stay safe from coronavirus while taking your drugs. 2020 has not been a good year for anyone unless you happen to be a mask and hand sanitizer industry. Since the start of the month, one thread after another is looming over our head. The recent one that came out of suddenly nowhere, was the coronavirus. Normally, people don’t get afraid of such a virus. Because people have a basic knowledge of what kind of virus they are dealing with and how it’s gonna affect them. But the virus that we are dealing with now, is a brand new one. The United States now has over 130,000 cases of coronavirus in the country.


About Coronavirus, WHO (World Health Organisation) had this to say:

“Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortne-ss of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death.”













The proper effective way to stop the rate of coronavirus is to lock yourself in the safety of your own room. This is a piece of good and bad news for marijuana patients or lovers. There are a few changes that you need to make in your life. Don’t worry you don’t have to give up marijuana. But certain lifestyle changes will keep you safe from coronavirus while at the same time getting mary jane in your system. As many states recently legalized the use of marijuana but there are states where you can only get marijuana if you have a terminal disease. There are many people who are dependent on drug marijuana as a daily dose of pain relief.


Getting your Medical Marijuana

In these times, where people don’t actually know what kinds of steps they need to take to combat this new virus while making sure their health is perfect. So many users have reported online about to learn the use of marijuana in the coronavirus time, with questions such as is it okay to use? and if it is okay to inhale the drug, what are the steps they need to follow to protect themselves from corona while at the same time taking care of the body. Many marijuana doctors have said plenty of things to keep you safe from the virus.


The governments all around the world have a solution to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. So people who need their medical cannabis will still get the drug even in a time like this. You would get your cannabis from the place where you have always got your regular drug. From the dispensaries. Due to the rise of coronavirus, multiple dispensers and regulators have taken complicated steps to prevent the transmission of the virus in the store. So rest assured about your safety.


If you have a license to obtain the drugs, then you will get it in no time. Just make sure to have every detail about your medical marijuana practices. Many states in the US offer medical marijuana cards that you can use to get cannabis without any spending time on paperwork. Otherwise, you have to bring in a prescription paper to show the dispensers that you are indeed suffering from disease, and your marijuana doctor has recommended you taking a dose of marijuana to control the pain.


When you are heading to dispensers, make sure you have all the gear on before you leave. So you won’t bring drugs and coronavirus back home with you. Always wash both of your hands for 20 seconds thoroughly before you head down to the dispensers to pick up a drug, and wash your hands again when you go back to your place. These little things can save up a lot of lives.


Always wash your hands, and wear a mask. Most of the dispensers have taken a serious approach towards cleaning to wade off coronavirus of their store. But for safety, you should always wash your hands, and don’t touch anything that you find suspicious, better to leave that thing alone.


Steps to take

Here are some of the best steps you can follow to start making changes in your life. All of these changes will provide you a great shield to protect against the coronavirus, and don’t worry you will be able to take your cannabis at a prescribed level.


No Passing The Joint

One of the notarized things people do with their marijuana drug is passing them around to other people. Well, many see it as an act of commodity, and it is. but the times of sharing are no longer safe in this day and age, especially with a virus-like corona hovering over your head. Waiting for the perfect time to land a strike. Passing the joint to other people will be lowering your guard down for the corona to strike. So avoid passing the drug. Even marijuana doctors have said no to this, as the coronavirus transmitted through saliva too.  There is a reason why the patients have to wear masks on their faces all the time, so they wouldn’t infect people around them by sneezing. The passing of the blunt is exactly that, but this time the virus will use the blunt to transmit the disease to all of your buddies who used the same blunt as you.


Another note of prevention of the Coronavirus is social distancing, the appropriate number is six feet away from other people. Best to create a new joint than passing it over to your friend. This is not a healthy practice. If you don’t want to get coronavirus this summer, better say no to any passing drugs, and you should do the same thing before thinking about passing it. Some of the steps you can follow to make sure the joint doesn’t catch some virus, the way to do it is by washing both of your hands thoroughly before you start making the joint. You have to do it for at least 20 seconds. Once you have your materials and prepped them, you need to wash your hands again for 20 seconds.


Then you can smoke the weed. when you are done with it, wash your hands again for 20 seconds. This will drastically lower the rate of germs, and it has been suggested by many marijuana doctors.


Using hand sanitizers

Many doctors have prescribed marijuana in the fight against the coronavirus. The same rule applies after you have inhaled marijuana. You need to have a hand sanitizer with you so you can wash your hands clean before you think about using the drug. You can also use the hand sanitizers to wipe down the smart devices before you put them next to your ear. If you are into vaping, then use the sanitizers to clean your vape utilities. Anything that comes in contact with your face has a higher chance of infecting it.


Many marijuana doctors have said if you have a history of inhaling marijuana, or you are a patient who is suffering from a long-running illness in your body, and you use marijuana to the relief of the pain. Then you should always wash your hands before using the drug, and after using it. That is the only way to protect yourself from the disease. Although many reports have said that hand sanitizers aren’t as effective as the soap, it is a faster option, and there is a portable variation of the bottle that you can carry anywhere.


Skipping Smoking

If you are not a medical marijuana patient, who needs a regular dose to shut off the pain from disease. Then you can go for this option. Although, for many people, the idea of not smoking will not sit fairy with them. But in a time like this, this is the best option to avoid any type of virus infection attaching to your body. As smoking or vaping does a lot of damage to your lungs. You are more likely to start coughing if you have been doing this for a long time.


If you have the virus then don’t cough around people. Or you would start infecting others around you at a faster rate. That is why many marijuana doctors have said to stop the use of marijuana if you are not a patient. Risking your life over a cheap thrill is not worth it. Because you are risking the lives of others around you than to yourself. As coronavirus attacks the lung first, that is why you need to be careful about anything you inhale outside or inside your own room. COVID 19 is highly transmissive. It always brings down the people to take care of their health to reduce the rate of spreading of the virus.


Finding the Alternatives

This will be difficult for some users, but most people would be fine with it as long as they get their daily dose of marijuana in them. Although you will not get the satisfaction of inhaling the cannabis directly into your body. But choosing to some cannibals strains might be one of the safety options you have to try to stay safe. A medical marijuana patient can benefit a lot from taking the medicine directly rather than switching for the inhaling option. Such products as cannabis tinctures are one of the best ways to get medical marijuana in your system without opting out of inhaling it. The only thing you need to do is just a few drops under your tongue, and that’s it.


The effects of cannabis tinctures will kick in after 45 minutes from the first drop. If you switch to an edible approach, there are plenty of gluten-free, plant-based options that you can choose. here it will take around 30 minutes to feel the effects of medical marijuana in your system. If you never had an edible. Then take it slow on your first try.


Stress Level

It is part of our human nature to be panicked about the situation that you are in, but getting more panicked will raise the stress level of humans, which won’t be any help to anyone. Increased levels of stress come with a lot of small diseases that can make your life more difficult. Our immune system is what keeps us strong in front of diseases. But taking a high amount of stress would easily break the immune system, and you would slowly start to feel more weak than ever.


Coronavirus is one of the viruses that thrives in a body without a strong immunity system. If you think your stress level is going too far, then netter takes some edible and rest until you are all calmed down. Forcing yourself to work and to meet expectations will always raise the stress level. You would be less productive at work and more susceptible to diseases. Many marijuana doctors have recommended taking some light marijuana to calm down the stress number in your body if you are panicking. So your immunity system would stay up to fight the viruses.


Final Thoughts

This is one of the times that we are gonna feel the reverberations of the things we deal with now in later years.  The only way to keep yourself in check just to follow a simple rule. You can save your life and the people that love you. There are times where you have to change your whole perspective on life, this is one of the times. You have to make big changes in your lifestyle if you want to see others healthy. Many marijuana doctors have said to control your urges on marijuana smoking, as the coronavirus uses other forms of transmission. Choose edible over the vaping of the drug.

Most of the changes are happening because of Coronavirus. We still don’t know what that is, and the cure is gonna take some time to show up. Until then you need to constrain yourself from the older style. Or the price that you will pay for your friends, and family will be a lot compared to making simple lifestyle changes. Always stay safe and follow all the steps that your medical marijuana doctors have said to you.

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