Pros and Cons of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

February 9, 2022 All Natural


With most states in the U.S. including Florida now offering a medical marijuana program, more people than ever are curious about the pros and cons of getting a medical marijuana card and doctors recommendation.


Because the laws regarding medical marijuana differ from state to state, it can sometimes be difficult to understand the pros and cons of a having a medical marijuana card. This is especially true in states that offer both a medical and recreational marijuana program, which tends to cause some confusion when it comes to deciding why or why not to get a medical card.


Getting a medical marijuana card in Florida can come with some great health benefits, even if you live in another state with a recreational marijuana program. Although it can vary, you can expect to see some of the same advantages of getting a medical card in each state that has a medical marijuana program. One of the best and most obvious reasons to get a medical marijuana card is legal protection. Marijuana may be illegal at the federal level but if you are a medical marijuana patient, you are guaranteed a certain degree of legal protection in the state that you have your medical card in. This benefit is especially relevant in states like Florida that do not have a recreational marijuana program. In these states, being caught possessing marijuana without a medical card can lead to problems with the law. Considering the possibly severe penalties, legal protection is one of the main reasons we recommend getting a medical marijuana card in your state.


Restrictions on firearm and gun rights are one of the main reasons that many people are hesitant to get a medical marijuana card in their state. Because marijuana is still illegal at a federal level, medical marijuana patients are not able to legally purchase firearms once they officially get their medical card. Many find this restriction to be one of the biggest consequences of getting a medical card.


The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) does not allow for the use of medical marijuana, even if it’s allowed at the state level. This is because the DOT is a federal department, and marijuana is still illegal at the federal level.


You can still technically get a medical marijuana card if you have a commercial driver’s license because your status as a medical patient will not be shared with any other departments. However, if you end up failing a drug screening due to marijuana, having a medical marijuana card will not offer you any kind of protection in terms of your CDL and you will most likely be terminated.


It’s no surprise that considering medical marijuana is federally illegal that it could cause problems if you have or are trying to get a job with the U.S. government. Most government entities have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to any federally scheduled drugs, including cannabis.


Since your status as a medical marijuana patient is protected by HIPAA, this is another situation where your marijuana use as a government employee will most likely only become an issue if you are administered a drug screening. However, because the consequences are so severe and will most likely result in termination, we always recommend that patients who are government employees really take the time to think about whether a medical marijuana card is the best option for them.


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