Top 3 Strains of Medical Marijuana for PTSD Lakeland Florida

August 7, 2020 All Natural








PTSD stands for Post-traumatic stress order. It is a psychiatric disorder that can happen to people who suffered from significant loss or went through a substantial change due to some reasons. Mostly, people who work in the army suffer from it when they come back to their homes after spending years in the war zone. Or when somebody witnesses death or came across an act of terrorism or violence.

According to a health organization, more than 20% of people worldwide have PTSD, and in countries like America, the ration is quite alarming. Among few symptoms of PTSD, few are:

  • Relieving the incidents:

It happens that a person remembers the stressful event again and again like a nightmare, and it triggers the situation, and a person cannot revert to a healthy life.

  • Avoid a similar situation:

It is like you saw an accident on the road, and you don’t budge and stand still or run with full speed to avoid looking at it. People who have PTSD may avoid noises and crowded places.

  • Negative feelings and emotions:

PTSD patient sometimes feel negative changes in their beliefs and emotions and can become paranoid or disrespectful to the other people around them

There are numbers of medical treatments available which helps to restrain the ailment and person can come back to their healthy life. For instance, antidepressants or anti-anxiety medicines, but recently medical marijuana is getting popular. It contains fewer side effects, and our body doesn’t get addicted to it as it might to some pain killer pills. These strains are available in Florida as you’ll need to get your certifications by lakeland marijuana doctors or any other doctors in Florida.

There are many medically approved marijuana cannabis available, and here are the top 3 strains of medical marijuana to use for PTSD. All of these have been proved helpful in the cure of PTSD.






Blue Dream:

Blue Dream is one of the significant cannabis strains in legal marijuana across many countries. Being medically approved, it is readily available in stores everywhere.

Benefits of Blue Dream:

  • Blue Dream is a perfectly balanced hybrid element with two pleasant aromas, i.e., Blueberry and Haze. THC content is between 17 to 27 percent and CBD is minimal between 0.1 to 0.2%
  • Blue Dream is considered perfect and known for the euphoric and long-lasting high that makes it an excellent choice for both cannabis newcomers and appealing enough for experienced consumers.
  • It leaves a good and positive effect on people who have PTSD, particularly those who are also suffering from anxiety and stress.
  • Blue Dream is considered as an excellent choice to use in the day time. It helps the suffering person ease into social interactions and promotes considerable support in building mood and general appearance. It also enhances creativity level in user.

Star Dawg:

It is another widespread medical cannabis strain use for the treatment of stress and PTSD. It is known as hardcore strain due to its sharp flavor and high potency. Star Dawg contains 21 % of THC and comes in different aromas.

Benefits of Star Dawg:

  • Star Dawg smells like chemicals usually, and it is available in 3 different aromas, i.e., Diesel, high notes of skunk, or Piney.
  • Star Dawg is a successful treatment for stress and depression and boosts energy.
  • As it gives a massive boost to energy and mood, Star Dawg is recommended to use in the morning. Its widespread effects will make a person more interactive in society, and they will laugh more. Also, Euphoria is one of its effects.
  • There is more considerable potency of relaxation in Star Dawg and cerebral high from sativa that is an excellent choice for low mood, anxiety, and depression.
  • It is an all-rounder medical treatment as it relieves not only mental ailments but also cures inflammation and body pain that makes it the choice for many people.

Girls Scout cookies (GSC)

As known by its name, it is known after famous cookies and dessert-like strain. It tastes sweet and minty and sold by Girl scouts. That’s why known as girl scouts cookies. It is one of the most popular medical strains and won multiple awards for alluring and yummy aroma. It contains 17% THC and CBD 0.09% and treats newcomers with grace

Benefits of GSC:

  • Due to its award-winning aroma, many people tend to buy it for treatment. All those who want to try marijuana for treatment but afraid of its smell and taste love to give GSC a try.
  • As it is one of the legal marijuana in many states of America, people buy it more for their physical and mental ailments.
  • People with chronic pain, PTSD, stress, and anxiety use Girl scout cookies as medical strain.
  • GSC is an excellent choice to provide relaxation, Euphoria, and boost energy. Many people share their feelings after using it, and they feel relieved and stress-free.
  • Due to Girl scout cookies relaxation and soothing factor, it is recommended to be used in the morning.
  • Apart from soothing and relaxations features, GSC is medically recommended for:
  • Nausea, appetite loss
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Chronic and severe pain in all body
  • Stress depression and all PTSD factors.

Last words:

It’s a fact that PTSD is not a healthy situation, and these strains can help you come out from those stress and depression. But it is better not to rely on medicine; only try to see out of your box and see how beautiful your life is. Get Started Today.