Best Strains of Florida Medical Marijuana For Sleeping

August 18, 2020 All Natural

This piece of writing is to help the people who face trouble sleeping, if you are one of those people then keep on reading to find out about the best strains of Florida medical Marijuana that can help you sleep better. There are many people in Florida that are suffering from sleeping disorder and some are chronic insomnia due to which they are not able to sleep and their next day is always tired and drained.

We all are aware of the fact that sleep plays an important part in one’s overall health but still there are very few effective pharmaceutical sleep aids. Cannabis is said to be safe, as a natural sleep aid for many people. But, you are supposed to use the right strain, it can help you calm your racing thoughts, pain relieve and can also relax your muscles which results in a peaceful sleep.









What is Insomnia?

If we talk in the clinical terms, acute insomnia is describes as a difficulty faced by people in falling asleep or staying asleep for at least continuous three nights in a week or over two or more weeks.

Whereas, chronic insomnia is when a person faces poor sleep for at least three nights in a week for more than two or more months straight. There can be many causes behind it, such as certain medications.


Is Medical Marijuana actually helpful for Insomnia?

The studies from the past such as from 1970s provide an evidence that medical marijuana is an effective aid for treating insomnia. According to a double-blind trial which consisted of a group of insomniacs THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) helps in falling asleep and it also helps in staying asleep without interruptions.

It is also proven through clinical trials that smoking marijuana enhances non-REM stage 3 of deep sleep, which is said to be the deepest form of restorative sleep. Another study states that THC-heavy can decrease the REM sleep.

Whenever, it is about treating a disease with medical marijuana there is a need to understand that there are different strains and none of them are created equally or have the equal or same impact. Taking the example of Indica and Sativa, they are two sub-species of the marijuana plant but their effect and purpose is different from each other. These products are available at a local tampa medical marijuana dispensary in your area.

Most of the dispensaries tell this to people that Indica strains are said to be more relaxing and they are sedating because there is a higher consistency of CBD in it, but they will also recommend you Sativa Strains for using in the day time because of the awakening effects it has due to THC and not the CBD compound cannabidiol. Make sure to contact your primary care doctor with any questions or concerns your have regarding medical marijuana.

There are other strains that are known are hybrid strains because they consist of both Indica and Sativa properties which results in creating a balanced effect. It is always safe to consult an expert before using any strain of medical marijuana. Most of the experts suggest that strains that consist of less than 20 percent of THC should be used.

You need to keep in mind that high dose of THC can result in hallucinations and hangovers, residual drowsiness that will make you feel lethargic and you might be dehydrated for the next whole day.


What are the Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Sleep?

Here is the list of best medical marijuana for sleep, in order to give you a guide. However, we want to mention it here that keep it in your mind that every person’s condition is different and there is a space for error and trial. Always go for that, and consult an expert beforehand.


Grand Daddy Purple:

It is known as the best Indica strain used for insomnia, especially if you are one of those people who cannot sleep because of pain at night. It is appreciated by the insomniacs because of its high levels of sleep-inducing terpenes and myrcene, it is known for producing a strong cerebral along with leaving a sedative effect which dissolves pain and anchor the body to sleep says one prominent doctor. It is also said to reduce the nightmares.


Tahoe OG Kush:

It is defined by the patients of insomnia as the best and true replacement for their sleep prescriptions and aids. It has sedative effects that are intended to be stronger and having an immediate effect as compared to the average hybrid strain. It is said to be faster in terms of quickly reducing the tension of muscles, leaving you with having a heavy body sensation which eases you and takes you to a tour of deep sleep. As far as the taste is concerned, it has an earthy and lemony taste due to which it is liked a lot and also who would not want to sleep peacefully without having a hangover in the morning.






God’s Gift:

It is also referred as the child of Granddaddy purple and OG Kush, because it is actually a present from god for all the insomniac patients. It consists of high-THC, around 27 percent content of it while there is a very low CBD content in it around 1 percent. It is a hybrid strain that takes away all of your worries and gives you a perfect sleep. This strain is readily available a lakeland medical marijuana dispensary in your area.

You will definitely feel relaxed along with euphoric, results in peaceful and stress free sleep. Whereas, you need to keep in mind that God gift is not for the beginners because it has a high THC content. The people who are suffering from panic attacks and anxiety can use it as an aid.


Northern Lights:

Sometimes you might imagine yourself, under the sky of stars, sleeping in a blanket in a cold night. That imagination can turn in to reality as soon as you try Northern Lights which is known as a traditional Indica Strain and is been used since mid-1980’s.

Due to the fact that it has high THC content, it is said to dissolve pain and gives you a relaxed experience of sleep. In order to avoid the hangover, you are suggested to take low dosage.


Afghan Kush:

It is known as a pure strain of Indica, and is said to have history in Hindu Kush Mountain Range. It has really strong effects in terms of pacifying the pain, hushing the thoughts full of anxiety and allows you to sleep calmly for a longer while. It is said to be abundant in terms of CBD, due to which it is considered as one of the best strains of medical marijuana for insomnia.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments section below, or if you want to share some information regarding this, then you can do that as well. Get started on your medical card today.