Can Medical Marijuana Help with Alcoholism

March 9, 2020 All Natural

We all can agree on one thing that alcoholism kills more people than any fatal disease or viruses. Talking about facts and numbers, alcohol kills more than 90,000 people per year and there is no stopping. It’s addictive nature and deadly withdrawal effects won’t allow the person to leave the poison and turn their life around. When alcohol had you wrapped in intoxicating effect, you can’t imagine spending a day without chugging down a few pegs. Once you are addicted, the path out of it is extremely painful and not everyone can handle the full recovery. There are several treatment plans out there claiming to treat alcoholism but the people committing to those programs are far less in number and it takes extra-ordinary will power to overcome alcoholism. Alcohol consumes you and the sales will show it. If you are a regular drinker, it means you had to consume more and more alcohol to feel the tinge of ecstasy and in doing so, all the major organs of the body start to fail one by one ultimately pushing you to an early death. Alcoholism affects every age group. Teenagers start drinking as fun or party and they don’t even notice how they are getting addicted to poison. As age increases, they start to rely on alcohol to keep tension and anxiety away. By the time they realize the harmful effects, recovery gets almost impossible. However, with medical marijuana kicking in the medicinal field, marijuana doctors are claiming that alcoholism might be recoverable using medical marijuana.

Introduction to Medical Marijuana:

Medical marijuana is surely making the name for itself by acting as a perfect substitution of prescribed medications and showing the positive results as well. Taking out the harmful THC compound, death rates caused by opium are dropping tremendously. With the positive and effective endorsement by medical marijuana doctors while people are actually accepting the fact the medical marijuana can play a positive role in tackling different medical conditions and diseases. Cannabis is popular and marketed as a perfect relaxant and remedy to chronic pain and people are treating the injuries caused due to alcohol with medical marijuana. So, there are remarkable chances of medical marijuana as a perfect remedy to cure alcoholism and help to recover patients from alcohol addiction. Taking out the intoxicating part from marijuana, the new and improved medical marijuana can be the answer to the troubles caused due to heavy drinking.

The relation between Marijuana and Alcoholism:

Alcohol is far more dangerous than marijuana and no one can stress that enough. Even if someone comes up with the adverse effects of marijuana on alcohol, you can never compare it with the potent threats of alcohol to the body organs like the liver, heart, brain, and whole immune system. Moreover, new products had no to minimal THC (less than 0.3% THC) so, there are no more chances of intoxication due to marijuana. With the efforts in making medical marijuana legal in different countries, it can present itself as a perfect substitution for Alcohol as medicinal marijuana helps in tackling different diseases like arthritis, anxiety, depression, chronic pains, and many others along with helping to quit drinking. In the transition period of a total alcoholic addict to sober, medical marijuana acts as a bridge. Although there are zero to none chances of medical marijuana addiction the relaxant properties allow the addict to overcome the withdrawal effects and pace the journey to full recovery. Marijuana doctors are relentlessly working on supporting the theory with strong proof and results. Till now, there are successful cases of recovered patients from opium addiction and patients are preferring medical marijuana to fight the notorious alcoholism. Medical marijuana aids the patients to recover sleeplessness, more muscle power, a healthy diet, and will to recover from the disastrous condition.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal:

Marijuana is legal in Florida and other parts of the world but medical marijuana is not just ordinary or raw marijuana. FDA has put certain limitations to allow the use of medical marijuana and it has the list of certain elements that are allowed to synthesize the medicine. The major concern of the FDA was the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that is responsible for the intoxication and addictive nature of marijuana. Taking that part out, marijuana doctors came up with the perfect product that is 100% legal and effective at the same time. If you had a health checkup or some sort of test coming up, you can continue to consume pure medical marijuana and everything will be perfect. So, answering the question, medical marijuana is perfectly legal and in the safe limits described by the FDA.

How to consume Medical Marijuana:

Well, there are different types of products available in the market and on the pharmacies that contain medical marijuana. There are flavored oils, tinctures, gummies or edibles, medical marijuana-infused products and many more. So, the choice is really up to you regarding how you want to consume medical marijuana. The only thing that can vary in the products is the percentage of medical marijuana and how long will it take to induce the relaxing effects. Edibles will take induce the effect instantly but it will not be long-lasting but on the other hand, tinctures can provide the lasting effect f you are into that. So, the choice comes down to your priorities. Inhaling is another option to intake medical marijuana and control the withdrawal effect.


As medical marijuana continues to grow and it is getting legalized at a rapid rate, it certainly shows how much value we can get from studying a plant thoroughly. With the positive results and wide acceptance of medical marijuana, we are stepping in the revolutionized medical field with choices to cure different diseases using a single plant. Medical marijuana acts as a perfect substitute and does wonder about curing alcohol addiction. Marijuana doctors believe in superior medication rather than following typically prescribed medication with a far low success rate and if medical marijuana gets legalized globally than alcoholism can be attacked more aggressively. Get Started.

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