Can Medical Marijuana Help With High Blood Pressure

May 1, 2020 All Natural

The high-pressure level may be a common condition, and it’s conjointly one that’s related to several serious health conditions. High-pressure levels will usually be down to a healthier vary with way changes or medications. However, what concerning the link between marijuana and high blood pressure.

What is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure, because the name implies, refers to the force of blood pushed around your body and additional specifically against the perimeters of your blood vessels. If you have got high pressure, which is additionally known as high blood pressure, you will not even notice the symptoms. However, it will considerably raise your risk of attack and stroke, besides alternative serious conditions.

A pressure reading consists of two numbers, one among that is shown on the highest and one that is on very cheap. The most upper range is your beat pressure, and it’s the very best pressure reached once your heart is acquiring. The lower range is heartbeat pressure, a very reduced level of pressure achieved once your heart is between beats.

Having high pressure will cause weakened or broken blood vessels as a result of your heart is straining itself. The upper your pressure, the additional you’re in danger for health issues. As an example, high pressure will result in coronary failure, attack, stroke, and nephropathy says a marijuana doctor in Florida.

If you have got high pressure combined with alternative problems as your risk of developing severe issues will be even higher than normal.

Hypertension refers explicitly to having prolonged or chronic high pressure. A number of the factors that may contribute to high pressure and high blood pressure embody stress, nephropathy, diet, and being overweight.

If you are doing have high pressure, their square measure bound lifestyle changes you’ll create to lower it. Such changes embody great less salt, additional ingestion fruits, and vegetables, and drinking less alcohol.

Does Marijuana Affect Blood Pressure?

Some folks surprise if marijuana affects force per unit area as a result of alternative lifestyle decisions will have a significant impact on effect per unit area, like drinking and smoking cigarettes.

There area unit some variations within the short and long-run effects of marijuana on force per unit area. Once somebody initially consumes marijuana, they usually expertise a moderate increase in strength per unit area and pulse. Then, following that initial spike, they need a decrease in force per unit area.

There has conjointly been conflicting analysis showing that marijuana is related to some long-run vessel risks as well as elevated force per unit area.

In a study printed in 2016, mistreatment knowledge from over 12000 folks over an amount of seven years, a tiny low increase in beat force per unit area was discovered in those that used marijuana inside the previous thirty days compared with those that had ne’er used marijuana. Significantly, this study emphasizes the requirement for additional analysis during this space with other controlled conditions.

There area unit several alternative factors to think about once discussing marijuana and high force per unit area. The primary is that if you are doing use marijuana, it should increase your lack of appetite and lead you to create poor dietary decisions, therefore during this manner, it may indirectly have an effect on force per unit area. Also, if you’re smoking marijuana as critically intense it in alternative ways that they are often risky to your vessel health, even as smoking cigarettes is.

So, will marijuana cause high blood pressure? Most likely not, however, not enough analysis on the subject is printed at now to produce a definitive answer.

Key Points: Marijuana and Blood Pressure

As a lot of states and cities that allow medical marijuana in Florida which then allows alot of individuals gain access to the drug. Several of these individuals can marvel; however, the consequences of the substance affect their pre-existing conditions, like high force per unit area. once considering, however, marijuana affects force per unit area, keep the following key points in mind:

•Few studies have examined the link between marijuana and High Blood Pressure

•Some studies showed a potential association between marijuana use and magnified vessel risk. However, these results conflicted with alternative studies’ results

•People shouldn’t trust marijuana as the simplest way to lower their force per unit area. Chatting with a medical practitioner concerning evidenced high effect per unit area treatment is suggested.


What Symptoms of High Blood Pressure Can Medical Marijuana Treat?

When you have elevated blood pressure, you may experience symptoms such as:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blurred vision
  • Shortness of breath and chest pain

Hypertension may cause many conditions amongst high blood pressure. Bound high vital sign medications will have aspect effects marijuana will facilitate within addition, like muscle cramps, sleep disturbances, and tremors. Cannabis may aid in cutting back nausea says one marijuana doctor and many medical marijuana users in Florida and other states across our great country..


Best Strains of Marijuana to Use for High Blood Pressure

Remember, it’s invariably a realistic plan to talk over with a doctor who has cannabis expertise before attempting medical marijuana for cardiovascular disease.

Some of the most effective strains for serving to with high force per unit area embody the following:

•Blue Dream (Hybrid): Helps you relax and wind down  simply what your blood vessels want with cardiovascular disease

•Purple Kush (Indica): Helps with stress and promotes relaxation

•Northern Lights (Indica): Removes muscle tension and bodily pain by serving to blood flow throughout your body

•Sour Diesel (Sativa): Reduces anxiety and stress typically associated with cardiovascular disease

•Mango Kush (Indica) and Jillybean (Hybrid): Hybrid strains to fight nausea


Best Methods of Marijuana Treatment for High Blood Pressure

After you decide on your strain, following issue to think about is your methodology of use. However, you consume marijuana will confirm the physical and mental advantages you’ll need expertise since every method provides several distinctive effects.

There area unit 3 basic strategies of delivery: inhalation, oral, and topical.


  • Smoking
  • Vaporization


  • Tinctures
  • Ingestible Oils
  • Edibles


With topical, you get the full cannabis extract. Once activated, the cannabinoids are absorbed directly into your skin.

There’s just one means you’ll be able to lawfully get your cannabis for prime pressure level treatment, despite wherever you reside  through a professional medical pot doctor. Once consulting with you, the doctor can provide you with a recommendation for medical cannabis. To start the process, please contact an All Natural MD medical marijuana clinic today.

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