Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Breast Cancer?

May 24, 2019 All Natural

Can medical marijuana help to treat Breast cancer?


Breast cancer claims a huge number of lives each year. As indicated by the World Health Organization, it is the most well-known cancer among ladies throughout the world. Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer death in women.

Present treatment options are expensive and can incorporate side effects such as lethargy, pain in the neck, vomiting, constipation, and throat ulcers. Patients want different option a natural product. Here is a portion of the fantastic ways marijuana can support with Breast cancer, particularly when directed sublingually and topically.

Breast cancer is malevolent tumor:

Breast cancer happens when a malevolent tumor develops in the Breast. A malevolent tumor is a cluster of cancerous cells that either develop or spread to different body parts. Although Breast cancer happens fundamentally in ladies, men are not resistant. It’s evaluated that more than 2,500 men will be determined to have Breast cancer this year only.

Marijuana (cannabis) Causes the Self-Destruction of tumor cells:

CBD comprises cancer-fighting characteristics. An investigation in 2011 revealed CBD encouraged apoptosis and autophagy. Basically, this means CBD causes the death of cancer cells and after that helps clean all, replacing dead cells with healthy cells.

CBD Prevents Metastasis in Breast Cancer Cells:

One cause Breast cancer is so dangerous is its ability to move in other parts of the body. Cancerous cells can go grow in adjacent tissues and organs. In some conditions, cancer cells can even spread to remote areas inside the body. When this occurs, it is known as metastasis.

Metastasis is the advancement of secondary malevolent tumors. Such as, Breast cancer that moves towards liver is called metastatic cancer. It is also called stage IV of Breast cancer or advanced cancer. Scientists now accept metastasis may really be associated with one particular gene known as the ID-1 gene.

In 2007, an investigation in California discovered CBD hinders this gene. In simple words, CBD kills the trigger related to the advancement of cancerous cells.

The experts behind an investigation concluded:

“CBD expresses the main safe exogenous agent that can diminish Id-1 gene expression in Breast cancerous cells promoting the down-regulation of cancer violence.”

THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD Treatments Combined Are Very Effective:

THC and CBD both have cancer-fighting effects, their properties are strengthened when combined. An investigation issued in the British Journal of Pharmacology discovered that among the best approaches to destroy these cancer cells was to combine CBD and THC.

Although CBD as well as THC can diminish cancer advancement, they individually do so with the help of distinctive anti-tumor paths. Merging these cannabinoids increases the therapeutic effects. Especially for those who are suffering from metastatic Breast cancer.

Cannabis Calms Side-Effects from Chemotherapy:

Cannabis isn’t just fit for handling the condition. It also gives alleviation from the symptoms of traditional treatment. Patients experiencing chemotherapy for Breast cancer can encounter devastating and painful symptoms including:

  • Nausea
  • Nervousness
  • Loss of sleep
  • Loss of appetite
  • Unhappiness

Meanwhile, cannabis is a demonstrated treatment for every one of these conditions. Also, cannabis has a very low toxicity level. Weather treating for alleviation from the symptoms of chemotherapy or facilitating treat their condition with the help of using tincture and cannabis topically, the therapeutic importance of cannabis is clear.

If you or someone you know is interested in the benefits of medical marijuana and would like to make an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor in florida, please contact our offices today or visit our website to learn more.

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