Can you be a paramedic and have your marijuana card in Florida

August 20, 2019 All Natural

Can you be a paramedic and have your marijuana card in Florida?

As a physician working in Florida, you can surely analyze and evaluate people visiting your office and prescribed them medical marijuana for improvement of their health. This can be done after doing a complete and thorough medical evaluation of the patient and then suggesting them to use medical marijuana if you feel the necessity of using it.

However, in order to prescribe medical marijuana in Florida, the health status and condition of patient must be chronic and must be according to the conditions set by the Florida Department of Health. This is important because any recommendation for using medical marijuana use can be done by the paramedic only if he or she is certified to do that. As a paramedic who has a marijuana card, you can surely prescribe the drug independently on your behalf by simply writing a medical prescription for the patient.

Procedure to get your medical marijuana card in Florida

In order to get your own card as a paramedic, you just have to register all your personal credentials with the Florida Department of Health so that your information is recorded in their data base. After you are lawfully and legally registered as a certified paramedic, you can then go to any dispensary which has attained a license by the Florida Department of Health. As a marijuana doctor in Florida, you can buy your medical marijuana from there and prescribe it to your patients with chronic illness.

The whole process of registration and being able to gain access to medical marijuana from the dispensary takes about two weeks. The application fee for this is about $75 and you need to apply for the marijuana card through the state. After you have applied, you get a confirmation email from the state that you are allowed to buy medical marijuana from the dispensary. After this, you have to wait for two weeks in order to be able to buy it using your own official marijuana card in Florida.

Furthermore, it is an established fact that the Florida marijuana physicians can orderĀ & prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. They have to attend a two-hour long course and have to pass it with at least 80 percent score after every 2 years. Only after that, the doctors are able to write referrals for the marijuana “prescriptions”.

As patients, Florida allows the patients to get their own medical marijuana card as well. However, for that, the patients need to have an access to the signed statement issued by a certified and registered medical marijuana doctor. You can check that which qualified paramedic can do that for you. If you have any chronic diseases which include seizures, cancer or post-traumatic stress, then your medical marijuana doctor can surely help you enter your information into the Florida Marijuana Use record. This will help you get your own patient ID number, and you can legally get access to marijuana in Florida through the process.

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