Florida House Passes Cap for THC Products in Florida

March 14, 2020 All Natural

After the discussion and following the 79_31 votes, 10% limit on THC for medical marijuana has been passed for the patients under the age of 21 years as signed off in the Florida house. This means that patients under 21 will not be able to have access to the medicine containing marijuana in any of it’s form, i.e. vaporizers, oils, whole-flower marijuana, tinctures, etc.

With the potency of over 30%, smokeable cannabis was sold out by the state’s medical marijuana.

“This step has been taken to protect the teens”, coming from the House Republican leaders along with the speaker named, Jose Oliva after discovering the fact that this particular chemical may affect the young brains badly.


Signing off THC caps in FL house

About last year, FL House took a step forward leading the charge on putting the cap on THC. When ended, the legislative session fizzled this idea. Similarly this idea was again highlighted in the Senate, but lack of support resulted in the withdrawing of this matter.


As filed by Rep. Ana Maria Rodriguez, R-Miami, the amendment was planned in the FL house again, where the motive was again to tackle the healthcare package. Since the topic was never ever debated in the committee, the public never get this chance to leave their views in front of the lawmakers. Learn more here.


This person was again Rep. Ray Rodrigues who tried hard to send the proposal again. On the other hand, the Estero Republican found the correct logic behind this Cap for 21 or underage. What have been surveyed is that people under the age of 25 years do not have a completely developed brain and this is why they are most susceptible to the effects.


The part of the amendment kept in front by Rodrigues also confirms the daily dosage limit, making it mandatory to go for independent lab testing through the medical marijuana treatment center. Where the company does not carry a license “the ghost license in other words”, the state will not be permitted to renew the treatment center’s license.


In the last year, Rep. Ana Maria Rodriguez’s similar bill sank as a result of which she turned sad with the amendment, thereby causing the healthcare bill to stall out. The bill mainly carrying the healthcare issues, highlighting the medical services, the requirement for the license, etc. when it didn’t go for taking the full FL house vote.


According to Rodriguez, it is referred to as a contentious issue since the bill has so much in it. Also being Olivia’s priority, Rodriguez thinks of passing the cap as it may gain success in the Florida Senate. Some of the other Republicans have also spoken against this idea after gaining an understanding about how can it worsen the life of those who use marijuana to deal with mental diseases.


Push back by the democrats

The democrats in the house has opposed the amendment, considering it as an interference between the doctor and patient relationship and the upcoming litigations.


Research that has been carried out by Rodrigues have confirmed the THC cap up to 15% in other countries too. Furthermore, the intake of high potency of marijuana is linked to psychosis in the initial stage while schizophrenia during the development phase.


Being dependent on the patient, the Swedish study shows the experience relating the psychotic episode being shared. There are still a majority against this capping! Get Started.

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