Dosing Information For Medical Marijuana Patients in Orlando

July 5, 2022 All Natural

Marijuana is a completely different medication in many ways compared to typical pharmaceuticals. One of the big differences is that effective medical marijuana dosage can vary widely from person to person. Factors include a method of administration and ratios of THC & CBD, personal tolerance, and many others. We’ll break down what to expect when dosing with medical cannabis, and how much is too little or too much for Medical Marijuana Patients in Orlando.


What’s The Right Dose For Orlando Medical Marijuana Patients

When you see your doctor, they usually aren’t going to prescribe a specific dose. Unlike a typical pharmacy, every dispensary will carry different products with varying ratios of THC and CBD. Trying to get a consistent dose like with pharmaceutical medications can be challenging. No matter how complicated it may seem, it’s important to try to be consistent. Not only is it cost-effective to use as little medicine as needed, but it also helps avoid building up a tolerance to the medication. Keep a journal of what works and what does not work.


Many patients prefer to inhale marijuana via smoking or vaping either for the flavor and the immediate action it brings with getting all the cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to calculate the exact amount of THC when using the inhaled route of administration.


Even if you do know the exact amount of THC in your inhalable medicine, it’s still hard to calculate exactly how much you are getting into your lungs. The amount of THC that is lost to smoke or side steam varies based on what kind of instrument you are using and how experienced you are. Up to half (but sometimes even less than one-quarter) of the cannabinoids in the product will actually make it into your bloodstream and be available for use by your body.


New Medical Marijuana Patients in Orlando Start Slow

New marijuana users may get absolutely no effect from the first or first two times they use it. Recreational users know this fact well and will often cite personal experiences of not getting “high” the first time they smoked marijuana. The Endocannabinoid system needs to be “primed” first to be able to react to the medication. Sometimes this takes one or two days of micro-dosing before trying to find a dose that will treat your condition. To keep things simple, I usually recommend planning a three to five-day sensitization period no matter the delivery method chosen. Typically the sublingual product will give you the ability to keep the dosing low and even take it to drop by drop if needed. To begin with, I always recommend taking a quality CBD product to be taken daily or twice daily.


When starting with marijuana to help relieve symptoms, you’ll want to start low and go slow. Start at a low amount such as 1-2 milligrams and you increase as needed either every dose or every few days depending on the side effects experienced. If you feel dizzy or lethargic, you should either stay at this dose or lower the dose and stay at that amount for a few days before increasing it. An average optimal dose is usually between 1-5-10 milligrams. At lower levels, you may experience better mood, reduced anxiety, and less pain without any adverse side effects.


Get Started Orlando Marijuana Cards

If you’re a Floridian in Orlando suffering from a medical condition, you may be eligible to treat your ailment with medical marijuana, which includes both THC and low CBD products.


Click Here to get qualified for an Orlando Florida Marijuana Card approved by a state-certified All Natural MD medical marijuana doctor you can trust, or give us a call at (800-250-6737) and our friendly support team can walk you through the entire process, and set up an appointment for you or your loved ones.


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