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June 29, 2020 All Natural

There are numerous types of edible cannabis, including food products, tablets, and capsules. All these products result in long-lasting and safe effects. Most edibles have high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound found in cannabis, but CBD edibles exist as well. Both CBD and THC-dominant edibles are safe for medical purposes, and they carry numerous benefits, including stress relief, euphoria, increased appetite, and more.


On March 16th, 2020, the State of Florida released the long-awaited rules for edibles after three years of contemplation. These rules established a guideline that must be respected by all Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers in producing and selling medical marijuana edibles. Individuals can only legally purchase edibles after getting a medical marijuana recommendation from a state-certified and qualified Medical Marijuana Doctor. Currently, cannabis enthusiasts can’t access pre-made edibles at any Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. However, a few MMTC’s still manage to sell them despite the restrictions. The Florida Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use has authorized a select number of medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs), otherwise known as medical marijuana dispensaries. For instance, you can find THC tablets at Trulieve medical marijuana center in Florida, in 5mg doses for oral consumption. Although tablets are not technically considered as edibles, they have a similar concept.

The hype and frenzy of medical marijuana edibles

According to an industry report, a company in charge of tracking the legal marijuana industry, smokable marijuana is still the standard method of cannabis consumption. Still, some consumers highly prefer to eat their weed.


The effects gotten from both smoking and edibles are quite similar, but individuals usually acknowledge that edibles are more effective. In other words, individuals who report having an “unpleasant” or “intensive” experience with edibles are generally not well educated about edible consumption—getting your hands-on edibles without proper knowledge on how to consume them and lead to several side effects including paranoia. The sensation from consuming edibles daily depends on several factors. It’s essential to consider the type of cannabis strain when making medical marijuana edibles says on expert in the field of healthcare. In the US, the popular types of cannabis edibles include sativa-only, indica-only, hybrid (a mix of sativa and indica), and pure CBD.


Marijuana edibles produced solely from a Sativa strain will result in a more elevated, heady, and awake high. Edibles produced solely from an Indica strain usually lead to a less psychoactive high that’s highly therapeutic and good for those in need of sleep or relief from physical pain. Edibles produced from hybrid strains will offer a balanced effect from both indica and sativa. CBD edibles are non-psychoactive, which means they won’t make users high while THC edibles are intoxicating and usually make users high.


How to make medical marijuana edibles

Before you can begin making edibles at home, you must understand and follow specific procedures. First of all, decarboxylate your cannabis. Decarboxylating, or decarbing, cannabis is the way toward utilizing high temperatures to transform the non-psychoactive THCA in pure cannabis into THC. This cannabinoid transmits to the feeling of being “high.” There are numerous methods for decarbing cannabis, so pick what suits you best or learn the other techniques. Baking is a secure method, but there are other methods such as sous vide cookers, slow cookers, or just cooking weed in a high-fat material like butter. Just understand that a lower temp and a shorter period guarantee better cannabinoid conservation. When the cannabis becomes decarboxylated, that’s the ideal opportunity to begin cooking. Cannabutter is incredibly versatile and works as a base ingredient in many sweet and savory dishes. These dishes include:

Cannabutter has different functions and serves as the main ingredient in numerous sweet and flavorful dishes, including; Shortbread Cookies, Butter Rolls, biscuits/Cupcakes, Buttercream Icing, weed-Infused rice crispy treats, and more.


Here’s how to make canna butter at home.

Basic Ingredients;


-Decarboxylated cannabis flower


Materials needed

-Medium-sized saucepan

-Heatproof glass bowl

-Fine-mesh sifter



-Use the medium pan to heat water until it boils. You can change the rate but ensure that the cannabis is continually gliding 2 inches, or around 5 centimeters, from the base of the pan.

-You can now add the butter. After the butter has liquefied, include cannabis. When cannabis is included, the heating temperature should be reduced. Cook for three hours.

-Place a bowl to hold the completed product. There are a few different ways to strain the mixture. One way is to utilize a profound heatproof glass bowl with a fine-mesh strainer fixed with cheesecloth. You can also choose to tie a double layer of cheesecloth around a huge heatproof pot with twine, making it tight over the top. Strain the canna-butter over the bowl, cautiously maintaining a strategic distance from spillage.


-When the pot is empty, gradually remove the twine, get the cheesecloth from each of the four sides and press out the rest of the butter.

-Place the canna-butter in a cold room for an hour or less. Please place it in a refrigerator until the butter becomes solid and isolated from the water. The THC and different compounds become infused to the butter and you almost good to go.

-Use a knife to lift the canna butter from the water. Ensure to raise it around the edges the avoid damage.

-Turn the cannabutter upside down and place it on your work surface—Scratch off the remaining plant matter and milk solids. Your canna-butter can now be consumed safely. Store in the cooler or fridge using a well-sealed container.


What are the best strains to use when cooking with marijuana/cannabis?

Choosing the correct strain for making edibles relies upon your current mood. Even though weed has different effects on people, sativas offer vitality, and indicas are suitable for relaxation. Those looking to overcome the world should use strains like Sour Diesel, White Widow, Casey Jones, Golden Goat, or Lemon Skunk, Orange Crush, Trainwreck, Royal Cookies, Durban Poison. However, if you favor something good for watching movies, or sleeping, choose strains like Bubba Kush, Granddaddy Purple, or White Fire Alien OG, Purple Queen, Purple Power, Blue Dream.

Marijuana is being used all around the world including the USA. People had different views on the use of Marijuana until the US government made changes in the laws regarding the use of medical and recreational marijuana. Cannabis sativa plant is made up of several chemical compounds such as CBD, THC, CBG, terpenes and flavonoids etc. which help maintain functions of the body. The psychoactive effects of Marijuana are at its maximum when it is smoked. However, there is a less dangerous way of getting high as well. That’s where marijuana edibles jump in. You must have heard about taking marijuana in your edibles is easy. Yes, it is, but there are somethings we need to consider before trying the recipes.


What are marijuana edibles?

Marijuana edibles contain weed flowers as an active compound and they could be any food or drink we take in our regular lives. Marijuana edibles generally contain high levels of the intoxicating THC. Some of the THC edibles include:

  • Brownies and cookies
  • Pizza and chips
  • Chocolates and candies
  • Tea, coffee and energy drinks

You can easily make all of these at home with a few simple ingredients and no lengthy cooking and preparing time. if you don’t feel like making these yourself, you can purchase marijuana edibles for any reputable vendor. The quality of weed is important to maintain you mental and physical health. Make sure you know that the product is safe to use.


Effects of cannabis intake

The effect of consuming cannabis depends on the delivery system. Smoking marijuana is the fastest way of getting high. It takes TCH directly to the brain causing intoxication in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, marijuana edibles may take up to hours to finally show their results. Moreover, smoking marijuana can cause high-intensity psychoactive effects while ingesting it prolongs the effects of the delivery and it may last up to 6 hours with ingestion.

Taking too much THC can have potentially negative effects on the body. it can weaken the immune system, making the body prone to pathogens and toxin attacks. In the long run, it can affect the working of the Central nervous system.


Eating raw weed

If you are convinced that ingesting marijuana can have its benefits, here are a few more tips. You cannot just pick the weed and put it in your mouth. It needs a little processing before it can provide the services you want. Raw marijuana is non-intoxicating and cannot get you high as it cannot be digested by the human digestive system and THC cannot enter the bloodstream. Moreover, if you go for raw marijuana, you may end up vomiting it out because of its bad taste.


Here are a few tips for pre-processing of marijuana for making edibles.


Choose a strain

Choosing the correct type of strain is important to maintain a proper social condition. If you are looking for more energy, go for the sativa and if you want to relax and sleep better, choose Indica. Different types strains of marijuana include Acapulco, blue dream, purple kush, soul diesel, Bubba kush, Granddaddy purple, afghan kush and maui wowie.


Drying and curation

If you have bought fresh cut marijuana, it needs to be dried and cured before it can be used to make meals. Some local dispensaries also sell weed which is dried and cured by the farmers. The THC present in the fresh-cut weed still needs to develop to its maximum potential and that is achieved by drying. The flavor and aroma of the buds improve with drying so it’s worth the wait. To cure the cannabis, you need to extract the moisture from the inner layers of the buds to have full spectrum effect of the dose. To do so, place the fresh cannabis buds in a closet or an extra room and let them dry. Once they are dry enough, place them a jar and leave them in a dark place for weeks. The cured weed is now ready for the next step. You must make sure your marijuana is fresh and not contaminated or laced with metals, fungus, etc…


Decarboxylate your weed

Decarboxylation wakes up the psychoactive properties of marijuana and that’s exactly what happens during smoking, unlike the terminology, the process of decarboxylation is simple but necessary as our stomach cannot carry it out. Bake the buds for about half an hour but remember to keep the temperature way below 240 degrees Fahrenheit as it is the boiling temperature of THC and the heat reaches this point, your buds will be of no use.


Grind the weed

To reap the most out of your dope, grind the baked weed coarsely before adding it to any recipe. Grinding will increase the surface area so that butter or oil in the recipe can absorb most of the cannabinoids. Adding ground marijuana to the recipes means making use of every bit of the product. Ground weed can be easily added to salad seasonings and brownie mixture as well.


Making a cannabis infusion

There is still time until recreational Marijuana becomes acceptable around the world. Until then, we may not find many recipes having weed as an ingredient. However, there are some inevitable ingredients used in almost all recipes, and if we can convert our dope into them, they can be easily infused into any recipe.  Two most common infusions of cannabis are cannabutter and canna-oil. To make these simple infusions, simply take the 1-pound butter or 6 cups of oil of your liking and 1 ounce of dried, decarboxylated and ground weed. Now add the weed and oil/butter to the saucepan and cook it for more than an hour. You may also add water if required but remember not to bring the mixture to boiling. Remove from flame and let it sit. Stain the butter or oil using a cheesecloth and keep the mixture in an airtight container for months. Cannabutter can be used in all baked products, and cannaoil can be used in salad dressings and even drinks. Use these infusions to make more delicious edibles such as Marijuana chewy edibles, chocolate and even your favorite pasta.


Calculate the weed for making edibles

Different strains of marijuana have different strengths says a group of marijuana doctors in Florida. With that said we can use the average, which is 10 percent THC. The dry weight of each gram of cannabis is 1000 mg and, if we use the average amount of THC, 1 gram of cannabis has 100mg of THC. Studies also say that each serving of the edibles contains 10mg of THC. Remember that there is no universal serving in the marijuana edibles as it varies from human to human and depends on our individual tolerance level. To avoid any inconvenience, you can use marijuana tinctures which shows that exact quantity of THC in each drop.


Difference between Cannabis and CBD edibles

The main difference between the chemical makeup of CBD and Marijuana is the quantity of THC. Marijuana edibles contain a higher concentration of THC, whereas CBD edibles contain less than 0.3% of it. Such a small quantity cannot cause any psychoactive effects. After discovering the health benefits of CBD, people around the world are using CBD edibles to reduce the symptoms of their conditions.

Here a just a few solid conditions suitable for medical marijuana edibles:


How to begin with marijuana edibles?

A study showing smaller doses of marijuana edibles help more so than larger doses as well as take a break of at least two to three hours before taking another serving. Even a little dose can sometimes be heavy on your stomach and mind. In such a case, you may feel uncomfortable so just try to breathe normally and remember that the feeling is temporary and it will fade away soon. See a doctor soon if the side effects stay for a longer time.


How to overcome a too high condition?

If you have not calculated the dose properly, you may end up having too much THC in your edibles which will have intense effects. Moreover, after ingesting edibles wait for a few hours and let it show its effect. To wave off the uneasy feelings, you can try the following:

  • Take some pine nuts or pistachios
  • Drink juices containing citric acid found in grapefruits, orange and lemons.
  • Inhale essential pin oil for quick relief.
  • Use CBD to reduce the effect of THC on the brain.
  • Use black pepper to control anxiety and paranoia
  • Even though you may not feel hungry, go for a meal.
  • Take a stroll to use the energy and get your body back to normal.


Wrap up

As the whole world looks forward to legalizing recreational marijuana, we will see more and more Marijuana edibles in the market. Until then, we can make them at home and enjoy its effect in our personal space. However, to stay on a safe end, make sure that you know your daily dose of Marijuana and the amount of THC you are consuming with it. Taking excess marijuana edibles may alter your state and mind and the cognitive abilities. Taking a calculated dose for fresh cut marijuana leaves may seem like a lot of math so you can just but a marijuana tincture so that can add it according to your own need and tolerance. Get Started Here.

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