Marijuana As a Treatment for Asthma

October 8, 2017 All Natural

Medical Marijuana As a Treatment for Asthma

The use of marijuana as a treatment for asthma has many advocates and opponents, because research on humans and lab animals shows possible benefits in some people but adverse effects in others. Marijuana has a tendency to intensify physical responses and psychological feelings, bringing about varied results among different people. There may be short-term benefits but long-term difficulties when asthmatics smoke marijuana. But many experts believe more research is necessary.

Eight people with asthma were induced with bronchial spasms through chemical inhalation in some sessions and bicycle exercise on other sessions, according to a study published in the American Review of Respiratory Disease. The subjects receiving placebo marijuana had a gradual recovery during 30 to 60 minutes. The people who received actual marijuana recovered immediately, reported the researchers.

The primary active ingredient in marijuana, may cause modest short-term expansion of the air passages. But regular use of marijuana may lead to long-term consequences such as chronic cough and possible airway inflammation.

Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida and Medicine: Many stated that marijuana damage has been seen in some animal studies but not in others. Various species showed signs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) when given doses of marijuana. But rats exposed to increasing doses of marijuana smoke for one year showed no signs of COPD. Rats exposed to tobacco smoke did. The Institute did not reach any final conclusions.

People smoke Florida Medical marijuana in hand-rolled cigarettes (joints) or in pipes or water pipes (bongs). They also smoke it in blunts—emptied cigars that have been partly or completely refilled with marijuana. To avoid inhaling smoke, some people are using vaporizers. These devices pull the active ingredients (including THC) from the marijuana and collect their vapor in a storage unit. A person then inhales the vapor, not the smoke. Some vaporizers use a liquid marijuana extract

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