Medical Marijuana Can Help Depression & Other Conditions

May 26, 2020 All Natural

What Is Medical Marijuana and Can It Help Depression?

Medical marijuana is a plant that is sometimes used as an alternative to medicine because it has calming effects on many diseases that humans can contract,

Similarly, medical marijuana can be taken to the body in different ways, as well as it is possible to find medicines that have this plant in their formula, but with the difference that they are controlled doses.

What is medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is a plant that is also known by other names that often refer to the plant that is ingested as a drug (weed, cannabis, Mary Jane, among others). This plant is characterized by its greenish color and its origin in India. Nowadays there are different ways of consuming this plant, but when it is a medicinal procedure, it is usually consumed through a tea or mixed in edible foods such as brownies or cookies says a group of medical marijuana physicians in Florida. The plant it comes from is called Cannabis Sativa and possession of it (when it is not medicinal), can be illegal in some areas of the world, while on the other hand, there are those who fight for its legalization.

Despite all this, there is no denying that it has become an important alternative to certain medicines, as medical marijuana causes a longer lasting effect with a less negative impact on the human body, so it has become popular.

How is it ingested?

As mentioned, medical marijuana can be consumed in different ways although the main one is tea, where it is prepared as it is popularly known; boiling hot water and placing the leaves of the plant to then consume.

It can also be consumed through steam, smoking, in foods such as those mentioned, or even in liquid form. However, the first ones are usually used by those who consume it outside the medicinal field.

Thanks to the different types of medical marijuana, it can be said that the effects on the human body can vary, so it can be difficult to control or even predict according to the disease you have.

How can you treat depression?

Although this might have been an inconceivable idea years ago, according to recent studies, medical marijuana is a plant that often has certain positive effects on those who suffer from specific diseases.

Among these diseases are chronic depression, where different doses of this plant (even the smallest) can provide some relief to those who suffer from their THC levels because:

  • Stimulates the brain

Thanks to the amount of THC found in the plant, it is ideal for generating a substance called anandamide which is believed to be responsible for generating a feeling of well-being throughout the body. With the release of this substance in the body, it is possible to greatly reduce the levels of depression presented by the patient, or to provide complete relief.

  • Stimulates Neurogenesis

The aforementioned THC levels present in medical marijuana are very helpful in stimulating the area of neurogenesis in the hippocampus, resulting in the creation of new neurons in the body.

What other diseases can it treat?

In addition to being an ideal option for treating chronic depression as medical marijuana doctors has also been used as a powerful alternative against the following diseases:


This was proven by a study in which 10 smokers of the plant who suffered from the disease participated. The results showed that after smoking, they ate and slept better, while their mood improved.

In this study the scientists were also able to prove that those patients who concentrated on smoking cannabis (in this case, there were only 50 people) had less presence of neuropathic pain.

  1. Alzheimer’s disease

As well as being of great help in combating depression, medical marijuana is often used in patients with this pathology to increase their weight when the disease is advancing.

Another study found that those who consumed the marijuana plant had a reduction in their agitated behaviors and is helpful in slowing down the process of protein deposits in the brain, which is believed to be the cause of the disease itself. All Natural Medical Solutions.

  1. Arthritis

This was proved by a study where 50 people were submitted to ingest medical marijuana derivatives, obtaining as a result the reduction of the pain caused by the disease, as well as improving their state of sleep.

  1. Pain and Sleep

As explained above, medical marijuana has a positive effect on reducing pain and sleep, and is also used by patients suffering from other diseases such as sleep apnea, inflammation, and low back pain, among others.

  1. Asthma

In the case of the treatment of this disease, the studies that have been carried out on multiple patients have been contradictory, since in some of them the airways were dilated, while others had the sensation of tightness in the chest.

  1. Cancer

This disease named cancer is one of the most popular for which medical marijuana is used because several cell studies show that the THC contained in the plant can be very helpful in slowing the growth of such cancer. On the other hand, animal studies showed that THC was also helpful in improving the effects of radiation on cancer cells, as well as preventing nausea, which is an effect of chemotherapy.

  1. Epilepsy

Finally, it can be said that one study of people suffering from this disease resulted in a 50% reduction in seizure frequency in children and adults when they specifically used marijuana extract.

How do you get medical marijuana?

The medicinal production of this plant may only be carried out in a State where the plant is legal. This requires a physician to write a prescription specifically stating the condition to be treated.

This prescription must contain the patient’s name and detailed information and may only be obtained from providers authorized by the State of Florida. Otherwise, you may face a legal disadvantage. Get Started.

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