Medical Marijuana Now Legal In Lakeland & All of Florida

October 19, 2020 All Natural

So by now, you’ve probably heard that medical marijuana is legal in Florida. But what exactly does that mean? Let All Natural MD, Lakeland, Florida’s top marijuana doctors break it down for you. A Brief History on the laws regarding Medical Marijuana in Florida On June 16, 2014, Florida became the 22nd state to legalize access to medical marijuana when Governor Rick Scott signed the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act. The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act, or Senate Bill 1030, allowed patients suffering from cancer, epilepsy, chronic seizures, or muscle spasms to use low- tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabis products prescribed by a licensed doctor. Doctors and patients had to register on the Compassionate Use Registry, an online database maintained by the Florida Department of Health. Following Senate Bill 1030, Florida Amendment 2 (Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions) appeared on the November 4, 2014, ballot. This first version of Amendment 2 failed to win the 60% majority of votes required to pass by less than 3% In March 2016, State Bill 307 expanded access to full-strength medical marijuana to eligible patients who had “a terminal condition, which, without the administration of life- sustaining procedures, will result in death within one year if the condition runs its normal course.” Assisted by publicity gained from the original Amendment 2, The Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Amendment 2, was placed on the 2016 ballot. Similar to the 2014 Amendment 2, the new Amendment 2 also required a super-majority vote to pass.


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Winning with a 71% majority, Florida voters approved The Florida Medical Marijuana
Legalization Initiative on November 8th, 2016. Several months later, Senate Bill 8A was passed to outline rules for the use and administration of medical marijuana. Following the passage of Senate Bill 8A, The Florida Department of Health established the Office of Medical Marijuana Use to
implement these rules and changed the name of the Compassionate Use Registry to
the Medical Marijuana Use Registry.


Lakeland medical marijuana doctors like All Natural MD wants you to be informed of the Florida’s medical marijuana laws, outlining everything you need to know in order to stay safe and on the right side of the law!


Who can qualify for medical marijuana?
Senate Bill 8A defines a qualified patient as: A resident of this state [Florida] who has been added to the medical marijuana use registry by a qualified physician to receive marijuana or a marijuana delivery device for a medical use and who has a qualified patient identification card. To qualify for medical marijuana in Florida, a patient must: Be diagnosed by a certified physician, like those at All Natural MD Lakeland marijuana doctor, with a qualifying condition, and have permanent or temporary residency in the state of Florida.

For more information and to learn more about medical marijuana and its health benefits, please visit your number one and best Lakeland marijuana doctors in Florida today.