Research And Study On Medicinal Marijuana For Anxiety

May 24, 2020 All Natural

Anxiety is a mental health illness that includes worry, anxiety or fear that are so severe that they hinder your daily routine. Medical marijuana has been touted as a useful tool in reducing anxiety by some; however, there are still many who are opposed to its use for anxiety. This article will evaluate the available findings on medical marijuana and its impact on anxiety. We will also discuss what you need to do to get a medical marijuana card in the state of Florida.


Research on Medicinal Marijuana for Anxiety

1,746 individuals selected from nine medical marijuana evaluation clinics were studied. 37.8% of these individuals testified to using marijuana to help with anxiety. 16.9% declared that they use it to relieve panic attacks and 55.1% reported that they use marijuana to relax. The research team discovered that 13% of the people being studied got authorization for their medical marijuana cards as a result of anxiety/depression. In another study, 1,429 medical marijuana users were studied. It was discovered that 58.1% of this group use medical marijuana for anxiety as treatment. These participants reported that medical marijuana helped to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety.


Walsh and other research partners reviewed existing literature on this subject and found that medical marijuana was useful in handling anxiety. 8 cross-sectional studies revealed that medical marijuana users enjoyed anxiety reduction; however, one of the studies postulated that when the medical marijuana user stopped using it, the symptoms of anxiety returned. This means that medicinal marijuana isn’t necessarily able to cure anxiety but can give relief while seeking more appropriate treatment.

While the scientific fraternity on recently started to take a serious look at marijuana on anxiety, it has been confirmed that it does provide temporary benefits.

Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Adolescent Anxiety Disorder? A study done by scientists at discovered that consuming marijuana can greatly reduce depression, anxiety and stress. These, however, are short term benefits. It has been reported by these scientists that it doesn’t bring about a long-term reduction. They have also reported that among the population examined in the research, they found that some individuals had an increase in depression over time after using marijuana. 


Summary of Other Available Research

  • The THC compound in marijuana has been proven to induce anxiety; however, CBD has been confirmed as a helpful compound in reducing anxiety.
  • Those who overuse marijuana must bear in mind that its use can potentially have health risks during withdrawal.
  • Medical marijuana users with PTSD or severe levels of pain have experienced a reduction in symptoms related to anxiety.
  • There are some research limitations including small sample sizes that present a challenge to categorically state that cannabis use in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety.


Debunking Medicinal Marijuana Myths

  • Medical Marijuana research has revealed that there is no correlation between marijuana use and psychosis or death.
  • There are mixed findings on marijuana being a gateway drug as compared to more dangerous psychoactive drugs. While that is so, research does suggest that the chronic use of marijuana can lead to addiction, psychosis-related health disorders in vulnerable individuals. It must be noted that this is true of recreational use and not so much for medicinal use.
  • A meta-analysis of 23 tests revealed that there was no support for concluding that higher adverse impacts exist in patients who were prescribed medical marijuana.
  • Research including 244 medical marijuana users suffering from severe levels of pain found that the group had a 64% reduction in opiate use and a decrease in the quantity and impact of side effects of adjunct medications.


Steps to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

If you are having great challenges with anxiety, it might be a good idea to secure a medical marijuana card and give medicinal marijuana a try for you anxiety related conditions. These steps apply primarily to acquiring a medical marijuana card in Florida. The steps may very well be applicable to other states, but please be sure to check out your specific state’s requirements and process.


Step 1: Contact A Florida Marijuana Doctor

In Florida, you can’t simply walk into a medical cannabis dispensary and purchase ounces of the highest grade of marijuana. You must first get approval from an all natural md marijuana doctor and get yourself a medical marijuana card in Florida. Note that you must locate a Florida doctor who has successfully met the requirements of the state to recommend or prescribe medical marijuana.

You will have to pay this physician a visit. He will then need to interview you and carry out necessary investigation to ensure that you are eligible to receive a medical marijuana card. This is necessary as many people who only want marijuana for recreational use tend to secure these cards so that they can use it for pleasure.


Step 2: Your Case Goes to The Florida Department of Health

When you would have convinced the medical marijuana doctor that you are eligible, your case moves to the next step. The physician submits your case to the Florida Department of Health. At this stage, this department of the government reviews the medical marijuana physician’s recommendation and carries out any further research that they deem necessary.


Step 3: You Pay The Required Fee

If the Florida Department of Health completes their investigation and find you eligible, they will grant you credentials that can be used to log on to their website. At this point, you will be required to pay the state-stipulated fee of $75 and complete a digital form.


Step 4: Wait For Your Card to Be Issued

The Department of Health of Florida usually issues medical marijuana cards within 7-21 business days. You will be notified via email. When you receive this confirmation you can begin to visit dispensaries and purchase the medical marijuana product of your choice. There is no need to wait for the physical medical marijuana card to arrive.

Bear in mind that according to Florida state law you will need to do follow-ups with your medical marijuana doctor every 210 days. At this point, your certification will be renewed. Your experience will be better if you work with a All Natural MD who specializes in medical marijuana.

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