What Strain of Medical Marijuana Works Best for Anxiety

May 15, 2020 All Natural

Have you ever experienced a significant event or little stressful life happenings that left you worried or nervous? Anxiety causes a similar feeling of fear, worry, or uneasiness. It’s a response to stress, though, shouldn’t be overlooked for all cases.

It’s good to understand that being anxious is normal to our lives, and it happens at different times of your life. Unfortunately, if it comes and stays longer or fails to go, then managing it will become a problem. Probably, we’ve means of treating anxiety, but, not everyone responds positively. For instance, therapy sessions, antidepressants, and others.

Medical marijuana is a natural and very effective way of treating anxiety. But, when dealing with patients, marijuana doctors should be keen to decide the kind of strains for use- either containing cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH). Let’s find out from this article the best strains for anxiety.

Choosing the best strains

Identifying personal sensitivity and tolerance as an anxiety patient is the start of finding the best marijuana strain for anxiety. A high dose can raise anxiety, whereas a lower one decreases stress. Consequently, it’s imperative starting with lower doses to prevent worsening your symptoms unintentionally.

Comparison between indica and sativa strains

Often, marijuana doctors and pharmacists define strains as either ‘indica’ or ‘sativa’. Indica strains contain very low THC and are characterized by a sedative effect that relaxes and cools the body. At the same time, Sativa has a very high THC content that stimulates and increases energy.

These terminologies intend to help a user single out the cable effects of the strain prescribed. For example, reduced THC content is preferred for lowering anxiety symptoms.

Users of this treatment are warned against depending on the described effects of the two terms, instead, choose a strain looking at the CBD or THC content. Additionally, using your body tolerance and sensitivity, as earlier mentioned, is essential.

TCH has psychoactive properties responsible for the mind-changing effects of the drug. On the other hand, CBD has non-psychoactive properties. Hence, it doesn’t change someone’s consciousness, and that’s why it’s said to reduce anxiety.

Research such as cell reports has shown that CBD is effective in relaxing the Central Nervous System (CNS). Nevertheless, cannabis produces different responses amongst victims with an anxiety disorder. To illustrate, some people after use, experience very quick relief from the symptoms of anxiety, including worry, unease, and so on, while others become more paranoiac with adverse symptoms.

Marijuana doctors should also consider checking the terpene details before making a decision. Terpenes are simply organic compounds in marijuana that determine the strain’s smell. They also heighten or decrease some effects when used alongside cannabinoids. For this reason, anxiety patients should consult qualified doctors to get the most appropriate treatment and consider checking out as much cell study as possible.

The best marijuana strains are:

The Granddaddy Purple

It’s a perfect strain that’s highly recommended for treatment. It’s obtained from two indica strains, namely, bid bud and purple urkle. Granddaddy has very big flowers that blossom in a dark purple colour. Besides, it has a sweet aroma that relates to grapes and berries because of having many terpenes.

This strain has almost 21% THC. After use, its effects are felt everywhere in the body, especially the mind. It’s shown through lessening pain, relaxing body muscles, and cooling endless thoughts.

Most commonly, it’s used before bedtime to enhance deep, peaceful sleep and relieve fatigue caused by stress or anxiety. The strain also effectively relieves against the following symptoms; Nausea, insomnia, muscle strains, and pain. Otherwise, users should expect side effects, including dry eyes and mouth.

The Chocolate Chunk Strain

As the name suggests, it’s a tasty bud having an aroma that’s associated with cloves. It’s another very good strain for anxiety, especially if your symptoms deny you sleep. Mainly, it’s created from indica strains, and marijuana doctors who advise their patients to take them at night when there’s limited movement. This is because they’ve strong sedative effects of relaxing muscles and calming thoughts, leaving you not wanting to change position.

Data from studies suggest that chocolate chunk has almost 20 per cent of THC and less than 1.0 per cent of CBD. It’s commonly known for its high composition of terpenes, that is, myrcene that leads to relaxed muscles, deep sleep, and caryophyllene that relieves pain, and reduces anxiety.

Other benefits are; relieving insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, and muscle tension. Remember, the strain causes slow cognitive processing, drowsiness, and lack of proper coordination in some cases.

The Amnesia Haze 

It’s a sativa strain. The doctors mainly recommend usage during the day because of its energizing effects. However, it’s also known for decreasing depression and anxiety symptoms.

Lab analysis says it has 21 per cent THC that’s responsible for psychedelic effects. It’s reported to be extreme but, very good to give sleep when taken before bed. Also, it has terpenes with limonene content that boosts the user’s mood. It again relieves from; fatigue, migraine, social anxiety, and depression.


Jack Attack Strain

This one is Sativa dominant with a low percentage of CBD and high THC. It’s mainly contraindicated for anxiety victims. Nevertheless, it has a unique genetic composition- combining both indica and sativa strains. Due to this, doctors say that it supplies a massive flow of endorphins, causing an overall calming feeling.

The ratio of CBD to THC is 1:1, which enables the two to work together systematically, reducing the paranoia experienced by users of cannabis. The THC content is below 5 per cent while the CBD is around 18 per cent. Finally, it may also treat; anxiety, inflammation, depression, and cramps.

The Northern Lights

This is an indica-dominant strain with around 91 per cent indica and 9 per cent Sativa, commonly used for its psychoactive impacts- mainly euphoria. It reduces pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Not only does it cause one to be high, but it also prevents synaptic body and rain transmissions, making one relaxed with calmed thoughts.

The effects caused by euphoria are due to the higher concentration of THC say, 23 per cent than around 1.1 per cent of CBD. Lab tests show that it has terpenes containing about 0.9 per cent of myrcene and 0.32 per cent of pinene. These terpenes cause a pine-needle smell and help oppose the potential psychological effects by calming the body.

It may also relieve headache, pain, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The bottom line

The relation between marijuana and anxiety can be complicated. But, remember not to overdose because the symptoms may worsen. Otherwise, proper usage as prescribed by qualified personnel could be a great and natural remedy for anxiety.

The best marijuana strains include; granddaddy purple, amnesia haze, chocolate chunk, Northern lights, among others. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice. Contact All Natural MD to get started on medical marijuana in Florida.

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