Can Marijuana Be an Effective Treatment for Osteoarthritis

April 13, 2019 All Natural

Can Marijuana Be an Effective Treatment for Osteoarthritis


These days everybody is curious to know about the medicinal significance of marijuana and its derivative products. These difference in the therapeutic benefits are based upon the biochemical composition of these products. Biochemically CBD and THC are both members of a class of chemical substances referred to as Cannabinoids. Osteoarthritis can severely affect the lives of the sufferers by chronic pains and discomfort. Cannabinoids possess multiple benefits as an individual as well as in the combined form.

Medical Marijuana and Its Role in Osteoarthritis

When people talk about medical marijuana, they are referring to utilizing the whole, unprocessed plant or the compounds contained inside to relieve the symptoms of particular conditions or ailments.  It consists of more than one hundred substances which are known as cannabinoids.

According to the Marijuana Doctors in Florida Arthritis is a medical condition that involves debilitating inflammation of the joints. Osteoarthritis is no doubt the most prevalent types of arthritis. It is relatively common and impacts enormous quantities of individuals worldwide. Various scientific research studies have discovered that marijuana can reduce the stiffness and pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Medical marijuana possesses specific anti-inflammatory properties which indicate it might diminish the inflammation. Since you may be aware, when dealing with Arthritis, inflammation is the main difficulty which results in the remaining indicators. Fortunately, inflammation is not problematic for marijuana because it is going to reduce inflammation gradually.

Science-Backed Evidence of Medical Marijuana  in Osteoarthritis

According to scientific research published, in the European Journal of Neuroscience, it has been revealed that medical marijuana has an active role in the treating clinical condition of osteoarthritis.

Another study based on the therapeutic potentials of medical marijuana was published in the European Journal of Pain, also emphasized the role of the presence of anti-inflammatory responses.

Medical marijuana usually comprises an important substance compared to recreational says many orlando marijuana doctors near me. This means when you are carrying it, you do not feel the”high” that is related to the recreational choice

 Medical marijuana attenuates pain and inflammation with no side-effects, but CBD is hydrophobic and has poor oral bioavailability. Topical medication program prevents gastrointestinal management, first pass metabolism, supplying more constant plasma levels.

According to another study published in a scientific journal also revealed that medical marijuana can be effectively used to alleviate osteoarthritis says marijuana doctors in Florida. Growing evidence from preclinical research supports the usage of the endocannabinoid system within an emerging therapeutic target for osteoarthritis.


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