Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis

May 16, 2019 All Natural

Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a degenerative condition that affects the nerves in the central nervous system causing neurological disability and severe symptoms such as muscle spasms, tremors, depression, and anxiety. Millions of people worldwide suffer from this condition and what makes it even more challenging is that there is currently no known cure for it. Most treatments that are given to people suffering from multiple sclerosis are meant to slow down the progression of the disease but never to cure it. However, medicinal marijuana has proved to be very efficient and useful in treating the various symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Since marijuana is a bio-product, it can be taken in many different creative ways that are much more friendly and enjoyable than taking conventional drugs.

Who can take medicinal marijuana?

Marijuana is not yet legal all over the world but more than half the states in the US including Florida have legalized the use of Marijuana for medicinal purposes. In fact, Marijuana doctors near me actively prescribe it to patients suffering from chronic conditions. Multiple sclerosis patients can get a script for marijuana and use it to manage their symptoms without exposing themselves to the dangerous effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Understanding how Marijuana acts in Multiple sclerosis

The marijuana plant, also known as Cannabis sativa, has many different active agents like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) that target different parts of the body including the mind and spinal cord. By targeting the mind and spinal cord, marijuana can help manage most of the troubling symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

When a person suffers from multiple sclerosis, the immune system attacks the nervous system by destroying the myelin sheath that protects neurons (nerves), this is what gives rise to the different symptoms experienced. CBD and THC found in marijuana can help reverse some of these effects. Here are some of the MS symptoms that can be treated using marijuana:

  • Inflammation

One of the biggest issues that affect MS patients is brain inflammation. Brain inflammation leads to neural degeneration and loss of cognitive function. CBD in marijuana acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and since it can access the brain easily it becomes a much better treatment option that pharmaceuticals says one lakeland marijuana doctor.

  • Muscle spasm

THC and CBD found in marijuana are very effective anti-spam agents. Taking marijuana can see a great improvement in muscle control and reduced tremors. They improve both the severity and frequency of muscle spasms allowing the patient long periods of complete relief.

  • Pain

Another symptom of MS is severe pain. It is one of the symptoms that leads patients to become dependent on pain medication. Cannabis has long been proved as an efficient antalgic and can be used to treat chronic pain without inducing dependency or tolerance

  • Depression and Anxiety

MS patients suffer from severe episodes of depression and anxiety which can easily become a syndrome. Marijuana Doctors in Florida and other states where it is legal prescribe different strands of cannabis to manage chronic depression and anxiety. Its performance has been proved through studies and meta-analysis. In 2017 it was proved that cannabis works better in controlling moods than antidepressants.

Where can you find Marijuana Doctors in Florida?

In order to get marijuana for medicinal use, you need certification from a doctor. If you are in Florida for example, you can easily find licensed marijuana doctors online and set up an in-person appointment for a physical examination. Once the physician has examined you, he or she will certify you so you are able to buy medicinal marijuana. For Orlando Marijuana Doctors, they must be active and licensed by the Florida Medical Association, you should always verify that before making an appointment.

When you have been certified by a physician, you must complete a medical marijuana ID card application with the Department of Health. It is this ID that you use to purchase your marijuana from approved Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers.

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