Can You Travel Out of State With Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card

March 3, 2020 All Natural

Today, in many states, Marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 drug, which means medical marijuana is legal in several states. Even marijuana doctors recommend medical marijuana to their patients with drug addictions, restless legs syndrome, gastroenterological disorders, diabetes, nausea, anxiety, and chronic pains. These days, medical marijuana is taken as a natural medicine that can help patients with several medical problems. Besides, it has many positive impacts on the patients that make marijuana s great tool to deal with chronic pains or other medical issues. 

States that accept Florida medical marijuana cards:

  • Maine
  • Washington
  • Puerto Rico

These are the states where you can go and buy your marijuana there. Other than these states mentioned above you are not allowed to travel with your medical cannabis, even if you have recommendations from your Florida marijuana doctors. Although TSA does not check for marijuana. Other than these states, if you attempt to cross borders with medical cannabis you will be booked under federal laws. So, it’s better not to take any chance!

In addition to this, even with your Florida cannabis card you will have to follow the destination state’s medical cannabis laws, not those of your home state.

Though, according to federal laws marijuana is an illegal substance. However, there are several states where possessing, and using medical marijuana is permitted if you own a medical marijuana card.

Medical Marijuana Card:

A medical marijuana card or medical marijuana identification (MMID), or medical marijuana (MMJ), is a state issued identification card that allows patients with a marijuana doctor’s recommendation to possess, obtain, or cultivate marijuana for medicinal purposes. Medical marijuana cards are issued by a state or country where medical marijuana is recognized. One has to pay a fee to the state to obtain this card. 

The validity of medical marijuana cards varies state to state or country to country. However, in most states that card is considered valid for up to 12 months of its issuance. Besides, different states have different legal requirements to obtain medical marijuana cards. In the United States there are 33 states where medical marijuana cards can be obtained, including Florida and others.

Can you travel out of state with your Florida Medical Marijuana Card?

However, in most cases crossing the state’s border while possessing medical even if both states permit medical marijuana is treated against the federal law. But, if you are a patient and you have a Florida medical marijuana card along with the marijuana doctor’s recommendations; you will be allowed to cross borders with medical marijuana without any trouble. 

Also, there are many states that offer reciprocity to out of state medical marijuana cards, which means your Florida medical cannabis card will be accepted. Besides, some states also permit medical marijuana for recreational purposes; however, the laws and rules regarding medical and recreational marijuana varies state to state. So it is recommended that you stay updated about your destination’s rules and regulations regarding medical or recreational marijuana.


Flying with Marijuana:

Since the TSA is a federal agency, it is better to avoid flying with cannabis. All federal laws and regulations are applied to you while you travel by air. Even if both your state and the destination state are cannabis legal states, you may encounter issues at airport security. TSA won’t book you for carrying weed but most likely they confiscate it or they may hand you over to the local authorities which may lead to missing flight. 

Driving with Marijuana:

If you are traveling by your car with cannabis, then there is no problem. However, you will have to make sure that the destination you are traveling to is a weed-legal state. For instance, attempting to cross the U.S.- Canada border with cannabis can lead you to real trouble. Or driving to a state where cannabis is illegal can lead to severe legal problems. Here are the tips to follow while you drive with your cannabis:

TIP No. 1: Do not ever miss carrying your Florida medical marijuana card while traveling with cannabis to another state or hanging around your hometown. 

TIP No. 2: While driving with marijuana in the car, make sure you follow all the safety rules and traffic laws. Following traffic laws and safety rules will help you avoid giving law enforcement any reason to pull you over. 

TIP No. 3: Have proper license tags and see your vehicle is up to code while you drive to another state with cannabis.

TIP No. 4: Don’t drive under the influence of cannabis, as driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal and you may get into trouble while doing so.

TIP No. 5: Keep your marijuana stored or placed hidden, like in a closed container. It should be kept in a way that it is not visible easily. 

TIP No. 6. If by chance you are pulled over by law enforcement, stay silent and respectful towards them. Being disrespectful to them can create problems, they may get reason to search your vehicle.

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