Different Ways To Consume Medical Marijuana

February 1, 2019 All Natural


Medical marijuana is a universal medicine used to treat many ailments and although it is being used negatively, laws that prohibit its illegal use and distribution have been put into action. Nonetheless, its usefulness as treatment for a variety of diseases makes this topic of relevance. There are several ways that medical cannabis can be administered and experiment with these different ways make it easier to find consumption methods that work best for individual patients.

Different Consumption Methods – See the video here

There are different consumption methods for medical marijuana and they include a few of the following;


The most common way to ingest medical marijuana is smoking by packing a small amount of dried marijuana flower or leaves into a pipe, bong, or rolling paper and smoking like a cigarette. Holding the smoke in your lungs doesn’t make the effect stronger. Start small and wait a few minutes between puffs. While smoking medical marijuana can offer instant relief and is relatively easy to do (which is why most patients will feel the effects immediately as the method is fast), smoke can be harmful to the lungs and is not a good option if you suffer from respiratory problems like asthma.


Vaporizing (or Vaping) is the next common method and is more desirable than pure smoking as the detrimental effects of inhaling smoke is ruled out. Vaping is done by preheating the vaporizer, adding dried weed flower or extract, pressing the button and inhaling the vapor produced by the oil generated. Like with smoking medical cannabis, start small. Vaping removes tars, benzene and other harmful by-products, preventing them from entering the lungs.


A slower delivery method is to eat food or treats made with cannabis. These foods are known as edibles. Treats like candy, brownies, popcorn, butter, sodas, and other types of foods are medicated and delicious. Marijuana edibles provide long lasting relief. Also start small and slow with marijuana edibles. Remember to wait at least an hour before eating more weed edibles says a few orlando marijuana doctors. This method is also great for those concerned about respiratory problems as it takes longer to feel its effect.


Tinctures or sublingual sprays containing cannabinoids mixed with alcohol, glycerin or coconut oil are applied by squirting or spraying the sublingual spray under tongue and it will be absorbed through tissues in the mouth. It doesn’t hurt the lungs and has a mild taste.

Marijuana Transdermal Patches

There are marijuana patches that can be attached to clean and dry skin. This method is ideal for those who can’t or don’t want to inhale smoke or vape.


Topical method is also a great way to use. It causes no psychoactive effects. Great for those suffering from arthritis, muscle soreness, swelling, eczema, sunburns, joint pain or localized pain. Just rub the cream on the area affected.


A newer form of delivery is dabbing. Dabbing is a form of marijuana vaporization and is useful for urgent use, as it provides instant relief but causes extreme psychoactive effects. Dabbing is done by heating a marijuana concentrate to a high temperature and then inhaling.

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