How Much Does It Cost For A Medical Marijuana Doctors Recertification Florida

September 15, 2020 All Natural

There are 2 separate cost associated with obtaining and keeping your medical marijuana prescriptions active:

  1. Your medical marijuana doctors certification – You’re required to see the Doctor to renew you script every 210 days. This is called your re-certification.
  2. Your medical marijuana card – Your medical marijuana card is a separate ordeal. You have to get and renew you medical card online with the mmuregistry website once a year. The cost is $75.00 plus a 2.75 convenience fee with totals $77.75.

You can change doctors like you change your underwear for this. All you have to do is login to your medical marijuana registry. Click manage profile details located on the profile page. Go to the very bottom and click “Leave Your Current Physician”. Once that’s done, any licensed and approved medical marijuana doctor can reactivate your certification quickly and most of the time with no documentation.

If you’re unhappy with your current medical marijuana physician in anyway, give All Natural MD a call (800) 250-6737. We can help you get back in the game in no time.

If you need assistance with getting your medical marijuana card renew with the State, we can help. If you need help with dosages or where to find the best medical marijuana dispensary in Florida, we can help with that as well. Get started on your medical marijuana doctor card in Florida today.


Please note if your Doctor does not provide you with a FULL 210 day, 7 month, 30 week certification, orders, prescription for medical marijuana, you are not getting your monies worth. At All Natural MD, we give you the State max on your certification orders and the amount of marijuana you c an purchase. You can expect to get 2.5 ounces of Flower every 35 days, 300-500 mg per day for all other routes of administration such as: Inhalation (Vape), Oral (Capsules, Tincture Drops Under the Tongue, Lozenges and more). You can also access edibles, creams, patches, and whatever else the dispensaries have to offer. We are Florida’s top medical marijuana doctor in Florida since October of 2016. Let us show you why!