Is Medical Marijuana in Florida Right For Me You Ask?

December 23, 2018 All Natural

Is Medical Marijuana in Florida Right For Me You Ask?

Is Medical Marijuana Right For You? Marijuana might not solve all your problems but it can at least help you cope with your current condition. Eliminate or slow down the suffering and live a better life filled with much more relaxation and ease about your day. Considering a MM card if you are ill can be a all around healthier alternative to prescription medications which may not always have you feeling better. With a card for marijuana you can somewhat rejuvenate yourself by giving yourself a sense of hope to fight off overbearing medical symptoms. Marijuana has been proven clinically with a high number of anecdotal evidence that greatly suggests how it can relieve many symptoms. You may qualify for a medical marijuana card today. The following is a list of conditions for which medical marijuana can provide relief: any type of chronic pain, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, cancer, HIV, IBS, menstrual cramps, and also ADD, ADHD, Migraines, fibromyalgia, cachexia, as well as one of the most recent developments in cannabis research is that marijuana contains compounds that might help kill certain cancers.

There are several sources doctors could use to prepare themselves for recommending marijuana treatment. Like with any other medical treatment, professional medical organizations set standards for their members to adhere to. The Western Journal of Medicine published a number of recommendations for doctors who recommend medical marijuana, including:

  • Examine patients who use a smoked marijuana treatment for pulmonary function and immune status
  • Comply with any and all state initiatives to track marijuana sources and patients using it for medical purposes
  • Know the patient’s marijuana and other drug use history, including addiction
  • Counsel the patient on the risks of medical marijuana, both short-term and long-term
  • Obtain training or certification in addiction medicine
  • Review uses and dosing recommendations
  • Confirm that other methods of treatment were tried and failed
  • Be sure the marijuana sourced contains standard THC levels and no contaminants

The Federation of State Medical Boards published a similar list of guidelines for physicians. Their recommendations also included the following:

  • A doctor who recommends cannabis should not hold any financial interest in a company that cultivates or dispenses marijuana, and their office should not be located in proximity to such a facility.
  • For a patient with substance abuse or mental health issues, the treating doctor should consult with a specialist in pain management or psychiatry before developing a treatment plan to include marijuana
  • The doctor should maintain a written treatment plan that includes all of the patient’s pertinent medical history, results of periodic follow-ups, proof of consent to treat, notes from consulting specialists and an ongoing treatment plan for 12 months or less of marijuana treatment.

All Natural Medical Solutions the Florida Marijuana Doctors are here to assist you in becoming a legal Medical Marijuana Patient in the State of Florida. Our Orlando Marijuana Doctors will assist in the medical cannabis recommendation process so you can apply for your Florida marijuana card as quickly as possible. Our primary goal is provide our patients with a safe and effective way to seek cannabis therapy for their medical conditions. has been assisting patients since 2014 under the compassionate use act. Now with amendment #2 in place anyone with medical conditions ranging from chronic pain to a more serious type illness can qualify. Give us a call (800) 250-6737. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you with every phase of the process while staying in full compliance with the Florida medical marijuana laws and rule making process set forth by the Florida Department of Heath.

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