Ron DeSantis and Nikki Fried Spark A New Era For Medical Marijuana Florida

January 17, 2019 All Natural

Ron DeSantis and Nikki Fried Spark A New Era For Medical Marijuana Florida!

In 2016, over 71% of voters were in favor of amendment for the legalization of medical marijuana. However, nothing tangible was done since then. With bureaucratic delays and other legal challenges, the implementation of the amendment was ground to a near halt. Critics had since blamed the previous administration of Gov. Rick Scott for intentional foot-dragging.

But now!

Things are looking pretty good for marijuana activists in Florida as the governor Ron DeSantis vows to end feet dragging on medical marijuana. DeSantis wants to ensure that the amendment is implemented in such a way that those who voted for it will feel that they actually got what they voted for.

And he has the support of Florida’s top medical marijuana lobbyist.

With her new office as Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner and top Democrat, Nikki Fried is set to hire a befitting candidate for her newly-created “Director of Cannabis” position. She says the director of cannabis will be named in the coming weeks.

Under Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the cannabis director will supervise all parts of the medical marijuana program that the department oversees currently. This director will be saddled with the responsibility of overseeing the flourishing agricultural hemp industries and medical marijuana edibles locally.

Speaking in an interview, Nikki Fried hopes to hire someone who shares her opinions and views regarding medical marijuana, something that worked like fireworks during her campaign.

She also promises to give patients in Florida more access to medical marijuana. She pledges to use her new office to make Florida a leading producer of hemp in the country, seeing that the hemp industry has the potential of raking in revenue for the state to the tune of millions of dollars says on tampa marijuana doctor.

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