The Necessary Steps For Getting A Medical Marijuana Card in Lakeland Florida

September 24, 2020 All Natural

The Necessary Steps For Getting A Medical Marijuana Card in Lakeland Florida

What are the necessary steps to getting your medical marijuana card in Lakeland Florida you ask? Outside of contacting the experts at All Natural Medical Solutions now All Natural MD Florida, please continue reading for the steps and process.


The first step is to make an appointment for an in person visit with a licensed certificated medical marijuana Doctor in Lakeland Florida. Preferably All Natural MD medical marijuana cards serving most of Florida. Their Doctors are compassionate and understand the benefits of medical marijuana while abiding by all laws set forth by the State of Florida.


The second step is to attend your in person again with All Natural MD medical marijuana doctors in which the Doctor will preform an in person exam to determine your qualifications. If the medical marijuana doctor feels you qualify, he will get your registered with the State of Florida’s medical use registry office and you’ll be on your way to Step number 3.


What Qualifies For Medical Marijuana?


Step number 3 is securing your medical marijuana card with the State of Florida’s medical use registry office. Very shortly after your marijuana card doctor gets your registered for the card, you will receive a special passcode which will give you access to your own medical marijuana patient portal.


Once you have access, you will complete 3 very easy steps for the medical card. Those steps include uploading a picture of your Florida Drivers license, paying $75.00 and signing your name electronically. Once compete, the state will process your card approval in 5-7 business days. That’s again as long as your working with the professional and experts at All Natural MD medical marijuana doctors in Florida. They have multiple marijuana card doctor locations in Lakeland Florida to assist you.


Once you get you temp card you can purchase the marijuana from any dispensary in any form that you want (you can smoke it, vape it, eat it, drink it, whatever you prefer) for 7 months. You have to see the Doctor every 7 months/210 days/30 weeks to renew your certification/prescriptions not to be confused with renewing your mmj card with the State once a year. Get started on your medical marijuana card in Lakeland Florida today.


What To Do After You Get Your Medical Card Approval From The State

Once you received you medical marijuana card approval from the State you can go to any dispensary in the State of Florida and purchase your medical marijuana medication. There are about 8-10 active dispensaries in the State of which they have 30-50 locations each. You will see dispensary names around town such as:


You can buy products such as smokable flower, vape oils, edibles, capsules, tincture drops, my personal favorite and please dont tell anyone. Suppository form in the XLARGE. What’s life if you’re not starting you day with a nice xtra large suppository. So with that said and I hope you got a laugh, please sign up with our Lakeland marijuana doctor clinic today and we’ll make the process easy and alot of fun.


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