Medical Marijuana For Insomnia

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is basically a difficulty or complete inability to fall asleep or stay asleep for a long. People with Insomnia are not satisfied with their sleep patterns and may find themselves experiencing fatigue, low energy, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, depression, and lower performance in school or work. There are actually two types of Insomnia: Primary and Secondary.

Primary insomnia is defined as difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep. It is when the person just has trouble falling asleep without a deeper health issue being the trigger.

On the other hand, secondary Insomnia is when the sufferer experiences sleep problems because of an underlying health condition like asthma, diabetes, depression, body pains, etc.

Medical Marijuana For Insomnia
Benefits Of Medical Marijuana For Insomnia

Consuming drugs and alcohol or psychotropic substances can also result in Insomnia. Insomnia can likewise vary depending on how long it endures and how often it happens. Based on that, it can either be short-term and lasts only a few days or last long-term, which leads to chronic insomnia cases. 

The causes are actually many. Some are physical, whereas others are psychological. For example, an intense, stressful event like changing locations or the death of a loved one can trigger Insomnia symptoms. Likewise, environmental discomfort, for example, sleeping in a foreign bed, in a hot room, or in noise can also mess up your ability to sleep. Some medicines like those that alter mood or help keep cholesterol under control can also induce insomnia symptoms. In chronic insomnia cases, the causes are primarily chronic anxiety, depression, stress, and body pain. Besides failing to fall asleep on time and quickly, other symptoms you may experience are sleepiness throughout the day, fatigue, irritability, and problems focusing at work or school. As the sleepless nights stack up, it creates anxiety in the individual, leading to stress.


Working of Insomnia

Insomniacs feel so stressed that their brains take over the stress response system and release chemicals like cortisol and adrenocorticotropic hormones into the bloodstream. These chemicals increase the blood pressure and heart rate, jolting the body to hyperarousal. When this happens, the brain finds it hard to ignore even a tiny disturbance around the person as it is looking for any potential threat to protect you. When finally the brain finds nothing around it, the person manages to sleep, but unfortunately, the quality of their sleep is not healthy enough. Our brain depends upon a chemical called cerebral glucose for a source of energy. A healthy person with a typical sleeping pattern of metabolism slows down to conserve this glucose for daily functions in waking hours. But in an insomniac, the metabolism rate speeds up during sleep, making their bodies work extra time that drains the energy-giving glucose as they wake up in a state of exhaustion and stress. In case when the process repeats itself over and over again at night that could last for a month, the person is said to be suffering from chronic Insomnia.


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Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Insomnia?

Insomnia is one of the top reasons for medical marijuana use, along with pain, anxiety, or stress. Many people do not find relief from chronic Insomnia with conventional medications and find that medical marijuana is more effective. Scientists have proved that this herb boosts memory and protects the immune system. You can also double the effect of cannabis if you consume it with other herbs like hops, chamomile, and lavender. These herbs contain terpenes which enhance the sedation effects to get the desired cannabis benefits. Chemicals in marijuana, for example, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), might be compelling at aiding rest issues like sleep deprivation since they tie to receptors that influence the rest and wake cycle. The kind of medical marijuana utilized for sleep deprivation is significant. For instance, breathing in marijuana just has an impact for a few hours, which might cause waking over the course of the night. All things considered, oral courses like edibles might be ideal for those with Insomnia searching for an entire night's rest, as the impact will endure as long as six hours.


Pre Steps For taking Medical Marijuana As A Medicine

You should have a medical marijuana card. It makes you eligible to buy marijuana from your nearby licensed dispensary, but if you don't have the card or need to renew it, you can do it online by scheduling your appointment. Next, you will be examined in person by the doctor, and finally, you will receive the card. A medical marijuana card gives you legal permission to use this medicine under state law. In other words, if you obtain a medical marijuana card, you are legal to buy this medicine for your own personal use. There are significant benefits to owning this medical card. Also, you can buy medicines while not worrying about paying taxes every time as you are not considered taxable.

There are many different marijuana strains, and every one of them differently affects the body. The main tip to remember is to guarantee that you're utilizing the right kind of medicine to assist you with getting a decent night's rest. A number of people favor Indica strains to enhance their rest over the course of the night.

If you had this issue for a very long term, you might have probably taken over other medications also. But it must be considered that mixing marijuana while taking over other medications can be dangerous as both of these have different effects on the nervous system, which may lead to reduced brain function, low blood pressure, going to coma, or even facing death.

Alongside utilizing medical marijuana, try to adopt other medication-free practices to overcome the chronic phase of Insomnia. Making up a daily routine that includes going to bed at the same time every night, reducing the amount of usage of the phone, avoiding meals that make your tummy feel bad, and turning off the lights at bedtime can help you get relief from Insomnia quickly. Contact us today for more information.