How to Become A Medical Marijuana Card Patient in Florida

June 3, 2021 All Natural

The Compassionate Use For Florida Medical Marijuana for Qualifying Medical Conditions ballot, or Amendment 2, was passed by Florida voters on November 8, 2016. Allowing the growing and selling of medical marijuana to qualified patients in  Florida, the ballot was imposed to provide safe access and availability to medical pot for those who suffer from a qualified debilitating condition as listed by the State of Florida. Want to know more about getting a Florida medical marijuanas doctor card, contact All Natural MD today (800) 250-637. We have locations for medical marijuana to best assist you in Orlando, Lakeland, Sarasota, Tampa, Bradenton and more.

How to qualify for a Florida State issued medical marijuana card?

Before you can buy cannabis from a dispensary, you must first visit a licensed physician who is certified to prescribe medical marijuana after having completed the mandatory education requirements laid out by the State of Florida. The licensed marijuana doctor will then determine if you fall within the eligibility criteria to purchase medical marijuana. Once deemed eligible for a card by a doctor that is certified for medical marijuana, you have to apply for a Florida registry identification card through the Florida medical marijuana program.


What documents are required for the appointment?

Necessary Documentation for Medical Marijuana:

  • Valid ID from the state of Florida. Driver’s license, passport or state-produced ID card – patients must be a resident or seasonal resident of Florida
  • Proof of address – bank statement, utility bill, correspondence with a state department
  • Medical records – medication list, physician’s diagnosis, treatment plan, progress notes, radiology/MRI/X-ray image, lab test results. Medical records are no longer mandatory, but can help your application


How much does a Florida medical marijuana card cost?

The cost is $75 for the application fee for the Florida medical marijuana card. There is a $2.75 processing fee. The physician’s fee is $299, and this is in addition to the state fee for your medical card.


How often do you have to renew your marijuana certification with the doctor?

Your medical marijuana certification is only good for 210 days. Therefore you will need to renew your orders every 210 days/7 months. You will want to contact and or visit your medical marijuana doctor for a reevaluation so that your recommendation orders with the state registry remain current.


Want to know more about getting a Florida medical marijuanas doctor card, contact All Natural MD today (800) 250-637. We have locations for medical marijuana to best assist you in OrlandoLakelandSarasotaTampaBradenton and more.