Can Medical Marijuana Help Pain Associated With Spinal Stenosis

January 9, 2020 All Natural

Medical marijuana has emerged as an excellent therapeutic agent for several medical conditions. This amazing herb can help you in the treatment of several medical conditions such as nausea, migraines, and insomnia. And medical marijuana can also be used for the treatment of more severe diseases such as spinal stenosis and the pain associated with it.

That is why you are here to know more about how this can treat Spinal Stenosis. But first, let’s look at what exactly is this condition and why marijuana doctors believe it can be treated with medical marijuana.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis is a common condition that occurs when the spinal canal and nerve roots become compressed. In this condition, you may experience cramping, numbness, pain, and weakness. These symptoms can be experienced in many parts of the body, such as the neck, lower back, buttocks, legs, and arms, depending on where the narrowing occurs.

It is not something that cannot be treated with other medicines, but medical marijuana proves rather effective in this. At the beginning of the disease, the patient doesn’t experience too much pain but the pain increases over time. At one point, you may experience severe pain and had to take one too many pills recuperate with that.

There are two types of Spinal Stenosis, and those are:

  • Lumbar Stenosis – It is the most common one, and the narrowing of the spinal canal occurs in the lower back part of the spine.
  • Cervical Stenosis – In this type of stenosis, the narrowing occurs in the neck region of the spine; it is less common than the other one.

What can Medical Marijuana do with Spinal Stenosis?

This is the question researchers are asking for a long time, what is the role of medical marijuana play in helping to treat the symptoms of spinal cord disease. The research shows that medical marijuana can be effective in the treatment of spinal stenosis and other diseases but the picture in’s clear yet. However, the treatment with marijuana showed very positive results among the patients.

The current treatment for spinal stenosis includes pain management and surgery option. The pain management option includes physical therapy, counseling, or pain medications. Medical marijuana in Florida can be an option for this but it cannot replace counseling, physical therapy or surgery in any regard.

However, it can be an option for people who experience chronic pain from spinal stenosis. Research also shows that it can help in relieving opiates addiction who are taking the medications for a long time. It is proving to be a safer, healthier option for chronic pain for a lot of people.

But like all other medications, its effectiveness depends on individual tolerance and the side effects. But it is working well for most individuals in clinical and preclinical trials. A person who suffers from the chronic pain from Spinal stenosis can take the help of medical marijuana, it is the best pain reliever. That is the reason for marijuana doctors in Florida to recommend marijuana for spinal stenosis pain.

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