Common Conditions Prescribed Using Medical Marijuana

February 12, 2019 All Natural

Common Conditions Prescribed Using Medical Marijuana For Florida Patients

 The legal use of marijuana for medical purposes was approved in over more than 29 states. this information was made available by Vox. That gives more treatment options to a wide range of people suffering from common health problems. Little negative impact on life has been the case even in a state where recreational pot is legal. To this end, so many people and even politicians are giving a looking to marijuana as an affordable and safer option with the cost of prescription drug reaching unprecedented levels.

 If you have been diagnosed with one of the following, the treatment option you need might be medical marijuana on the recommendation of one of many orlando marijuana doctors.


 According to the American Cancer Society, patient in chemotherapy benefits from marijuana as a treatment for treatment for nausea and vomiting. It was also noted by ACS of the use of the drug as a pain reliever. Users may experience lung pain and shortness of breath when smoked. Marijuana oil suffices as the best treatment option.


In line with the list of legal marijuana treatments available on Leafly, not less than ten states in the U.S permit patients of Alzheimer to use marijuana. The drug helps with insomnia, aggression, depression, etc., according to studies. With the help of a marijuana doctor, you can get a recommendation on how your condition could best be treated using medical marijuana.

Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)

At least 17 states approved the use of substances derived from marijuana as a treatment option for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) as of spring 2018; it is commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. With studies, drug reducing symptoms of ALS patients have been shown.

 According to other studies, there is a delay in the progress of the disease in animals without many clinical trials says a few jacksonville marijuana doctors.

Chronic pains

Almost in all states where marijuana is used as a legal treatment option makes the drug available for the management of chronic pain. The same can be said for terminal illnesses, including the end-stages of diseases.

 Since 2015, Minnesota has approved the use of Marijuana for medical use. It was recorded that 60% of patients did agree that they would benefit highly from using the drug. On a remarkable note, 63% is of the opinion they eliminated or reduced opioid dosages after the use of marijuana.

 In the state of Florida, once the marijuana doctor is able to determine your chronic condition fulfils the Department of Health requirements for Florida medical marijuana use, a recommendation is made, establishing a care that works for you.


Canada offers help for patients suffering joint condition even as at least 15 states allow treatment of arthritis with medical marijuana. Marijuana has long been a viable option for people suffering from arthritis since 2001, and up to two-thirds of medical cannabis users in Canada use it for treating the symptoms.


Post-traumatic stress disorder was added to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in New York as of November 2017. The treatment is available to only military veteran, survivors of domestic violence and first responders.

 Crohn’s Disease

 There are several TV advertisements about treatment of Crohn’s disease using prescription drugs. However medical marijuana is a safer alternative. 22 states listed Crohn’s disease as a condition that can be treated with marijuana as of March 2018.

Need recommendation on medical marijuana? All Natural Medical Solutions can help in that regard for the right prescription for your illness. Our Marijuana doctor will evaluate to determine if medical marijuana will benefit you.

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