What Is The Recommended Dose For Treating Anxiety With Marijuana

February 2, 2020 All Natural


Are you suffering from an anxiety disorder? Well, the good news is that you can use medicinal marijuana and treat the disease. However, the most important thing is to know the recommended dose which you are supposed to take. In the course of this article, we shall discuss in- depth the treatment of anxiety, symptoms of anxiety, and also the recommended dose for marijuana medicine.

 With the discussion to legalize marijuana continuing in more states, there is new scientific research which indicates that marijuana helps to calm the experience, which will eventually relieve anxiety to many people. Something you should ensure to do is to take the recommended dose to avoid addiction. Before we consider the recommended dose let’s look at the common symptoms of anxiety which you should watch:

  • Feeling Easily Fatigued

If you happen to feel fatigued after doing simple tasks, then there is a high chance you are suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder. Anxiety, in many cases, is associated with hyperactivity or arousal. However, you should also note that fatigue could be caused by depression, which would need you to look for further medical attention.

  • Restlessness

 Here is another sign which you might experience if you are suffering from anxiety. For instance, teens and children are the most affected. It’s the common symptom which some florida mmj doctors consider to know if someone has anxiety. In most cases, this happens if you have been experiencing restlessness for the majority of days in more than six months.

  • Excessive Worrying

  If you are in deep thought and you are worried, then you may end up suffering from anxiety. However, if the worrying occurs for most days for at least six months, it would be difficult to control, and therefore, there is a need for you to control in advance. Also, worrying must be severe and even intrusive, thus making it difficult to cope with daily tasks. People who are aged below sixty-five years old are a high chance of suffering from anxiety compared to those aged above sixty years.

  • Difficulty Concentrating

 If you have a difficult time focusing on something for some time, it’s a clear indication that you are suffering from anxiety. Research indicates that many kids and teens are suffering from anxiety, and they end up lacking concertation. Some kids have had a hard time concentrating in the class since they are suffering from the disorder.

Treating Anxiety With Low Doses Of Cannabis

 An important aspect of marijuana is that it has a biphasic effect, which means it can easily provide opposite results of what you are expecting depending on the amount which you consume. It’s advisable to avoid consuming high doses, which could lead to you experiencing extreme cases of anxiety instead of treating the anxiety. People should take a small dose, which would help you feel more relaxed. The recommended dose for medical marijuana is 1 to 2 mg of edible marijuana and ensure that you wait for more than an hour, and keenly observe the effect. Its commonly referred to as micro-dosing.

 Cannabis has been legalized in several states in the United States, and many people have been using medical marijuana in Florida to manage anxiety. There are several methods that you can use to administer medical marijuana and ensure that you have controlled the level of anxiety. There is a need to consider them anytime you want to use the dose to avoid the effects. To ensure that you get the actual dosage, you can use the vape pens and ensure that you take the recommended dose.

According to the marijuana laws, it states that one can take the dose that is edible and should contain more than 8mg of THC per piece. It helps to measure the recommended dose for medical marijuana and avoid overdosing, which could end, causing more effects on your body. Those people who have used the dose as prescribed have been able to relax, focus, and also enjoy the nights better as compared to when they have overdosed the drug.

Marijuana Treatment Method

 There are several methods that you can use to treat anxiety disorder. The recommended medical marijuana dose has been prescribed, but the method which you decide to use will depend on you. Here are some of the methods which you can use:

  • Smoking

It’s considered to be the most popular method to use cannabis for medicinal use and also recreational. It can be used to treat anxiety, but it could be difficult for someone to regulate the number of strokes that you smoke. You need to be precautious with smoking to avoid getting more addicted to smoking marijuana, which could cause biphasic effects.

  • Edibles

 According to Florida marijuana laws, it recommends people to use edibles if you don’t have any dietary issues. They can provide you a milder effect, which will help to lower anxiety levels. However, you need to ensure you don’t take more than 10 mg. It’s the best treatment method because the edibles could help reduce anxiety without any side effects, which could be caused by marijuana.

  • Vaping

It’s another method which you can use tom inhale marijuana and take the edge off. You need to ensure that you have used pre- measurable vape pens to avoid overdosing. Also, you need to reduce toxins generated by using a high quality vaporizer.

Final Thought

 Some people have used the dose, and it has been successful, thus controlling anxiety. However, others find it difficult for them to control their anxiety due to overdosing. At times marijuana can be addictive, and there is a need for people taking the dose to ensure they don’t overdose to avoid addiction. This does intend to treat anxiety, and therefore there is a need to ensure the weed medicine is not misused.

Anxiety is treatable with the use of the medical marijuana dose if it’s identified in advance, and the patient does not misuse the dose. Get Started.

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